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Attorney Saim Incekas focuses on divorce, criminal and executive law.

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Justice must be strong and strong must be fair.
Lawyer Saim İNCEKAŞ
Family Law, Divorce, Custody && Alimony, Family Tree
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Family law and divorce lawyer; contentious divorce, contracted divorce, paternity suit, custody case, personal opinion arrangement, alimony determination, high-wealth property sharing cases, marriage agreements, offers legal services to citizens who demand. Problems such as domestic violence, child support, relocation, determination of common housing, allocation of housing are also included in the service area of ​​these lawyers.

The Adana Divorce Attorney represents his clients in contentious and contractual divorce cases. Divorce and family law lawyers are registered to Adana Bar Association. All disputes should be settled for individual purposes.

The paternity-paternity case is a legal case for the benefit of the child. The case can be won in some circumstances or lost in some circumstances. DNA testing is often used to detect paternity. The father of the child born out of wedlock can be identified by court order or recognition. Following the parenting determination, the court decides to provide child support and personal opinion. The paternity suit is sometimes opened by the child and aimed at receiving alimony.

It is a constitutional right of parents to establish a personal relationship with the child. The spouse has the right to sue for a personal relationship with the child who is not given custody. Personal relationship dates and duration are at the discretion of the judge. Depending on the circumstances, the duration of the personal relationship with the child may vary. It is a right that arises from the family genealogy.

Poverty in need of child support is filed for the spouse. The child support is for child support. Your solicitor should assist you in determining the amount of child support in this process and to get the child support connected quickly. He must provide evidence and statements to the court for you to prove the conditions to be taken into account when determining child support.

It may be necessary for you and your child to file a lawsuit for protection against domestic violence, preventive measures, and protection against sexual violence. Likewise, if such a case is brought against you, you are advised to make a defense and to seek legal support for your strategy. Collecting the necessary evidence and statements and presenting them to the court is important for the proof of the case.

Although justice is manifested in every way, there are many ways to achieve results. Some of these ways lead you to the destination as soon as possible. Our aim is that the client and the client benefit from our vast experience.

Attorney Saim İncekaş provides legal and legal consultancy services to his individual and corporate clients in his law firm in Adana.

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Hunting. Saim İNCEKAŞ About

Attorney Saim İNCEKAŞ is a member of the Adana Bar Association. He is a lawyer in Adana and speaks German and English at academic level. It provides advocacy and consultancy services to both foreign and domestic clients in Adana and surrounding provinces.

The advocacy service has a character that prevents any problems in human relations. Turkey and especially in Adana generally referred to a lawyer after leaving a problem.

Contractual Protection

It is your lawyer's duty to reflect your legal and life experiences into contracts, and to deal with every possibility and situation and not compromise on the outcome.

Preventive Law

Attorney; and take a roadmap to eliminate legally and technically the chance factor and measures taken before the conflict arises.

Court process

Lawyer Saim İncekek, who is among the Adana lawyers: There are such words in the human trial process that when they come side by side they change the world. Your lawyer is the person who makes this subtle touch for you.

Lawyer Saim İNCEKAŞ; As Adana Lawyer, Adana Divorce Lawyer, Adana Criminal Lawyer, Adana Enforcement Lawyer and Adana Labor Law Attorney, he provides legal consultancy and advocacy services.
Lawyer in Adana

Attorney service for disputes and litigation in Adana courts. Divorce and Family Law, Criminal Cases ve IT law

Adana / Ceyhan
Adana / Ceyhan Attorney

Advocacy for disputes and litigation in Adana / Ceyhan courts. Divorce and Family Law, Criminal Cases ve IT law

Adana / Kozan
Adana / Kozan Attorney at Law

Advocacy for disputes and lawsuits in Adana / Kozan courts. Divorce and Family Law, Criminal Cases ve IT law

Adana / Kadirli
Adana / Kadirli Attorney at Law

Adana / Kadirli courts for litigation and litigation. Divorce and Family Law, Criminal Cases ve IT law

Lawyer Saim İncekaş Law Office provides legal representation and attorneyship services. She works in the fields of Commercial-Company, Family-Divorce, Criminal, IT and Administrative Law.
Advocacy and Consulting

Att. Saim IncekasHe has participated in various exchange programs in USA-Washington in 2011 and in 2013 summer program in Stockholm. He successfully completed his education in Istanbul and returned to his hometown of Adana for the performance of his profession. ADANA BAR'offer registered continues to work as a lawyer. the Military officer in the district of Gaziantep / Nizip PRIME branch as the president. Then purposeful and institutional hizmet with the aim of providing Attorney at Law Saim İncekaş Law Office He has established.

Lawyer Saim İNCEKAŞ
Advocacy Areas
The concepts of law and society are a dialectical dilemma. Hunting. Contact Saim directly
Adana Compensation Lawyer
Material, Non-pecuniary damages
Adana Trademark Patent Attorney
Trademark, Patent, Registration, Compensation Laws
Adana Land Registry Office
Land Registry, Real Estate, Expropriation, Land, Floor Contracts and Cases
Adana Administrative Law
Full Judgment, Cancellation, Compensation Laws
Adana Executive Lawyer
Check, Note, Bills, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Tracking Cases
Adana Divorce Lawyer
Divorce, Alimony, Cost Sharing, Contribution Share, Custody Cases
Adana Criminal Lawyer
First Instance, Children, Criminal Cases
Adana Military Lawyer
Er, Erbaş, Expert, NCO, Officer Personal Rights and Cases
Adana Lawyer
Mergers, Contracts, Stock Market, Competition Cases
Adana IT Advocate
IT Tools and Internet Crimes
Adana Labor and Labor Law
Seniority, Overtime, Return to Work, Termination
Adana Heritage Lawyer
Testament, Inheritance, Tenkis Case, Terek Sharing, Inheritance,
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Example: Güntürk Akduman
Because I live outside the province, I was able to answer the divorce case filed against me with Lawyer Saim Bey. I'd say there's a lawyer on the island who specializes in divorce.
customer reviews
Contact İzzet directly
Thank you for your interest and interest. I believe that you will represent me in court in the best way.
Contact Emrah directly

Hunting. Saim İncekas bey did not lack interest and relevance in my divorce case from the beginning. I couldn't get through this process alone zaten A useful and professional lawyer. You were perfect at presenting the right strategy and suggestions. I am grateful that you have contacted the other party in my place and that you have settled on some issues. May Allah give it to you.

Sabina Amanova

Many thanks Attorney immediately helped me. He explained in detail how I should behave. He also explained to me how to solve my problem.

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Our lawyer has helped me and my family to this day when we need a good lawyer. He's one of the best lawyers in town, good in style, and very practical. He is very knowledgeable about family law. They are very responsive and always return to your search. Punctual, transparent, logical and very clear. It is impossible not to understand his passion for the profession.

Contact özlem directly

Adana is a successful divorce lawyer.

Ayse Donmez

He's kind and polite. I would recommend the best lawyer you can consult if you are looking for solutions to your problems ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Contact Gizem directly

Alimony helped me a lot with my case.

Contact Gülsün directly

I recommend a successful divorce lawyer on the island

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A successful lawyer on the island an

Friday Karaali

We have been acquitted in my case in Adana juvenile criminal court. Thanks to my criminal lawyer Saim İncekaş, all my stress and problems ended.

More professionals named Osman Kaplan

I'm very glad I contacted you as a criminal lawyer. I'm very relieved by your experience in criminal cases. For the first time in my life, I had a trial. You didn't frustrate my trust.

Mihril Kurban

Divorce is the one I prefer as a lawyer. He worked very detail and meticulous. Thank you.

Contact semra directly

Thanks for the fast and reliable consulting service.

Example: cemal eker

A lawyer who does his job well.

More professionals named yasin aydın

I would recommend the lawyer saim beyi

Mesut Ilhan

He really likes a lot of help. Competent

Fate of montenegro

As a lawyer, I am very pleased with yourself, thank you very much

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He is one of the best lawyers in Adana.

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Thank you very much, Mr. Saim for your help.

Sertac Acar

Very Helpful Saim Bey Thank you

Direct Veterinary Medicine

We have prepared all the preventive legal contracts of our company with itself. I appreciate your interest and interest.

Muhlis Pakdemir

I would like to thank Mr. Saim and his staff.

Malik BAR

I chose to reside abroad for my divorce case, the processes were concluded as a proxy.

Example: muhammed kaya

I gave up my troubles, took on their own troubles and overcame them. Bad day friend Saim, thank you for your effort.

Contact Ebru directly

Saim Bey, I wish you the success of your lawyer life in Adana. I thank you for your effort and effort in my property-sharing case.

Contact Gülseren directly

I got the result that I wanted in a criminal court expert and decisive in criminal law. Thank you.

View Ümit's Full Profile

Thank you for keeping in touch during the trial. I may have asked a bit more questions, but you have legally clarified the whole process. Thank you.

Rare Elikara

We collected our bonds with interest. It's his happiness. Thank you, Mr. Saim. You are the first law office in Adana that comes to my mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The lawyer is the person who represents you before the institutions and judicial authorities. Therefore, the first criterion is communication and trust. The best lawyer is the one who can understand the goals and demands of the individual and can draw a road map in this direction. When you are looking for the best lawyer in Adana, please consider these criteria first.

2019 divorce lawyer for the year of contentious divorce minimum fee 4.000 TL'Dr. Contracted divorce in case attorney's fee ise 2.500 TL'Dr. Adana divorce lawyer fees according to the type of case in detail here You can review by clicking.

How long the case will be examined by the lawyer detection of evidence changes according to the process. Civil and criminal cases can last on average 10-12 months.

Lawyers are not allowed to provide free consultation in accordance with the Law of Advocacy. Citizens with inadequate economic status can apply for legal aid and seek free advice.

Current Law News and Articles
Determining the Superior Benefit of the Child in Custody - Supreme Court Decision Main 20186144 Decision 201811635 Date 22.10.2018
23 Jan: Determining the Superior Benefit of the Child in Custody - Supreme Court Decision: Main: 2018/6144 Decision: 2018/11635 Date: 22.10.2018

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Custody-Brothers' Principle of Not Separating from Each Other-Supreme Court Decision Actual 201618720 Decision 20186623 Date 24.05.2018
23 Jan: Custody-Brothers' Principle of Not Separating from Each Other-Supreme Court Decision: Main: 2016/18720 Decision: 2018/6623 Date: 24.05.2018

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Superior Benefit of Child-Custody- Supreme Court Decision Main 201617140 Decision 20185491 Date 24.04.2018
23 Jan: Superior Benefit of Child-Custody- Supreme Court Decision: Main: 2016/17140 Decision: 2018/5491 Date: 24.04.2018

TCYARGITAYIKİNCİ LAW OFFICE Principle: 2016/17140 Decision: 2018/5491 Date: 24.04.2018 COURT: Family Court CASE TYPE: Parties to whom Mutual Divorce-Trappings will take…

For Limitation of Personal Relationship, Both Parties Should Get Reports - Supreme Court Decision Act 201612153 Decision 201611703 Date 14.06.2016
23 Jan: For Limitation of Personal Relationship, Both Parties Should Get Reports - Supreme Court Decision: Main: 2016/12153 Decision: 2016/11703 Date: 14.06.2016

TCYARGITAYIKİNCİ LAW OFFICE Main: 2016/12153 Decision: 2016 / 11703Date: 14.06.2016 Upon the judgment of the case between the parties, the above is given by the ...

Decision of the Supreme Court of Appeals 201618329 Decision 20171486 Date 14.02.2017
23 Jan: Decision of the Court of Cassation: Principle: 2016/18329 Decision: 2017/1486 Date: 14.02.2017

TCYARGITAYIKİNCİ LAW OFFICE Main: 2016/18329 Decision: 2017/1486 Date: 14.02.2017 CHANGE OF PROVISION European Convention on Exercise of Children's Rights 364721 335337 p. MKXNUMX SUMMARY Plaintiff father,…

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