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Privileges of Adana Law Office

Online Access

Our website or Android and Apple devices, you can access the details of your file from our current application every hour of the day. Lawyer Saim Incekas has their own tailor-made pages and passwords.

Aim Oriented Service

Although justice is manifested in every way, there are many ways to achieve results. Some of these ways lead you to the destination as soon as possible. Our aim is that the client and the client benefit from our vast experience.

Adana Expert Attorney Team

Lawyer Saim Incekas Law Office founding lawyer Av. Saim İncekaş works with expertise in various branches of law. Criminal law in Adana ve adana divorce advocacy Our law firm is in the foreground.

7 / 24 Contact with Lawyers

Lawyer Saim Incekas provides agency services for both important and serious personal and institutional files. Therefore, our law office in Adana Contact in the case of a lawyer constantly in charge.

Our Working and Expertise Areas in Adana

Adana Criminal Lawyer

First Instance, Children, Criminal Cases

Adana Criminal Lawyer

Adana Divorce Lawyer

Divorce, Alimony, Cost Sharing, Contribution Share, Custody Cases

Adana Divorce Lawyer

Adana Executive Lawyer

Check, Note, Bills, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Tracking Cases

Adana Executive Lawyer

Labor-Labor Law

Seniority, Overtime, Return to Work, Termination

Adana Business Lawyer

Administrative law

Full Judgment, Cancellation, Compensation Laws

Adana Administrative Lawyer

IT law

IT Tools and Internet Crimes

Adana IT Advocate

Trademark Patent

Trademark, Patent, Registration, Compensation Laws

Adana Brand Lawyer

commercial law

Mergers, Contracts, Stock Market, Competition Cases

Adana Lawyer

Land Registry Law

Land Registry, Real Estate, Expropriation, Land, Floor Contracts and Cases

Adana Land Registry Office

Military law

Er, Erbaş, Expert, NCO, Officer Personal Rights and Cases

Adana Military Lawyer

Compensation Law

Material, Non-pecuniary damages

Adana Compensation Lawyer

Online Consultation

Counseling service online.

Adana Lawyer Desk

Inheritance Law

Initiative, Testament, Tenkis, Heritage Agreement

Adana Heritage Lawyer

Internet Crimes

Internet Crime

Adana Internet Lawyer

Insurance Law

Lawsuits against Insurance Companies

Adana Insurance Lawyer

Tax Law

Tax Disputes

Adana Tax Lawyer
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