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Attorney Saim Incekas works with a focus on expertise in various branches of law.

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Lawyer Saim INCEKAS
Advocacy Consultancy
You can access details about your file at any time of the day through our website or from our application available on your Apple devices. Attorney Saim İncekaş has a specially created page and password for his clients.

Although justice is manifested in every way, there are many ways to achieve results. Some of these ways lead you to the destination as soon as possible. Our aim is that the client and the client benefit from our vast experience.

Lawyer Saim Incekas provides agency services for both important and serious personal and institutional files. Therefore, our law office in Adana Contact in the case of a lawyer constantly in charge.

Strategic Predictive

The advocacy service has a character that prevents any problems in human relations. Turkey and especially in Adana generally referred to a lawyer after leaving a problem.

Contractual Protection

It is our duty to reflect the legal and life experiences to the contracts and not to compromise the results by considering every possibility and situation.

Preventive Law

With the measures taken before the conflict arises, we create a roadmap to eliminate the chance factor legally and technically.

Court process

There are such words in the human trial process that when they come side by side they change the world. As your attorney, we make this subtle touch for you.

Lawyer in Adana

Advocacy for disputes and litigation in Adana courts

Adana / Ceyhan
Adana / Ceyhan Attorney

Advocacy for disputes and litigation in Adana / Ceyhan courts

Adana / Kozan
Adana / Kozan Attorney at Law

Advocacy for disputes and lawsuits in Adana / Kozan courts

Adana / Kadirli
Adana / Kadirli Attorney at Law

Adana / Kadirli courts for litigation and litigation

Attorney Saim İncekaş Office provides legal services and attorneyship with expert attorneys. Commercial-Company, Family-Divorce, Criminal, IT and Administrative Law experts work in the field of lawyers.
Advocacy and Consulting
Criminal Lawyer
Family-Divorce Attorney
Executive Lawyer
Trade-Company Attorney
Lawyer Saim İNCEKAŞ
Advocacy Areas
Attorney Saim İncekaş provides determined and outstanding advocacy services in Adana.
Compensation Law
Material, Non-pecuniary damages
Trademark Patent
Trademark, Patent, Registration, Compensation Laws
Land Registry Law
Land Registry, Real Estate, Expropriation, Land, Floor Contracts and Cases
Administrative law
Full Judgment, Cancellation, Compensation Laws
Adana Executive Lawyer
Check, Note, Bills, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Tracking Cases
Adana Divorce Lawyer
Divorce, Alimony, Cost Sharing, Contribution Share, Custody Cases
Adana Criminal Lawyer
First Instance, Children, Criminal Cases
Military law
Er, Erbaş, Expert, NCO, Officer Personal Rights and Cases
commercial law
Mergers, Contracts, Stock Market, Competition Cases
IT law
IT Tools and Internet Crimes
Labor-Labor Law
Seniority, Overtime, Return to Work, Termination
Frequently Asked Questions

The lawyer is the person who represents you before the institutions and judicial authorities. Therefore, the first criterion is communication and trust. The best lawyer is the one who can understand the goals and demands of the individual and can draw a road map in this direction. When you are looking for the best lawyer in Adana, please consider these criteria first.

2019 divorce lawyer for the year of contentious divorce minimum fee 4.000 TL'Dr. Contracted divorce in case attorney's fee ise 2.500 TL'Dr. Adana divorce lawyer fees according to the type of case in detail here You can review by clicking.

How long the case will be examined by the lawyer detection of evidence changes according to the process. Civil and criminal cases can last on average 10-12 months.

Lawyers are not allowed to provide free consultation in accordance with the Law of Advocacy. Citizens with inadequate economic status can apply for legal aid and seek free advice.

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