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SUBJECT: Business Owner …. is a legal consultancy service agreement for the execution and monitoring of legal affairs, protection of rights and providing legal consultancy.


An attorney fee contract has been prepared between the parties whose names and addresses written above within the conditions written below. The person appointing them will be called as CLIENT and the solicitors who undertake the job will only be called as ATTORNEY.

ARTICLE 1 : The duty that the ATTORNEY undertook: The lawyer will carry out the legal work of the business owner and provide consultancy services.ARTICLE 2: The lawyer will be paid the fee specified in Article 10 for the work subject to the contract.For matters not covered by this agreement, the provisions of the Law on Attorneys’ Fees will be applied as a supplement.ARTICLE 3: ATTORNEY will follow the case in accordance with the law and conditions of this contract. If he/she is authorized, he/she can follow up the court case together with other attorneys or he/she can leave the case absolutely to them. The CLIENT by getting the written approval of the solicitor he/she may allow other attorneys involve in the case. The client may also give a power of attorney to other lawyers, provided that the written consent of the lawyer is obtained. However, without the written consent of the lawyer will not be able to give power of attorney to someone else, otherwise the lawyer will be paid the full amount.

In such cases, the provisions of Articles 171 and 172 of the Law no. 1136 shall apply.

ARTICLE 4: All expenses such as taxes, duties and fees for the work are borne by the business owner and must be paid by the client to the lawyer or the authority at the first request of the lawyer. All expenses to be made for the given work belong to the client and the lawyer does not have to do the job unless these expenses are paid.ARTICLE 5: The ATTORNEY can revoke this contract if the CLIENT does not give power of attorney after signing the contract, draw his/her case, appointing another ATTORNEY without obtaining the written confirmation of the attorneys, not paying for the expenses, not delivering the evidences, documents and information requested for the accusation and defense, if he/she changes his/her address and by not informing the solicitors delay the case, give up the case absolutely and partly, reach to an agreement with other part or discharge the other part from its responsibilities and revoke his/her attorney when there is no reasonable ground. As the contract is revoked due to a reasonable ground at the first request of the ATTORNEY the whole amount will be paid straight way. ARTICLE 6: The CLIENT has accepted her address written above as his/her official correspondence address and he/she accepts that all the notification and letters sent to this address will be valid and accepted. If he/she changes his/her address she has to inform the attorneys in written form about the change of address.

The result arising from the notification of the letters to be sent to the above-mentioned address and not declaring the new address shall be written in paragraph 2 of Article 6 and the client shall accept and undertake them in advance.

ARTICLE 7: In cases where there is no clarity in this agreement, the provisions of Law No. 1136 apply.

ARTICLE 8: The competent authority for disputes arising from this agreement is the Bakırköy Courts and enforcement offices.


ARTICLE 9: Due to the works subject to this agreement, the business owner agrees and undertakes that he will pay MONTHLY ……. USD + VAT for a period of 1 (one) year to be deposited into the…………………………… IBAN account of Av.AHMET TAVLI.The contract shall be deemed renewed for the same period unless the parties give written notice of termination (30) days before the end of this period.

This Agreement consists of 2 (two) pages, dated XX.XX.XXXX in Istanbul, in English and Turkish, read and understood and confirmed by the parties ,2 original copies to be valid from the date of signature and 1 (one) each of the parties have been retained.

ATTORNEY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                CLIENT

Avukat Saim İNCEKAŞ – Adana Barosu – Boşanma ve Ceza Avukatı

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Avukat Saim İncekaş

Avukat Saim İncekaş. Adana'da ikamet etmektedir. Kurucu sıfatıyla kendisine ait Adana Avukatlık ve Danışmanlık Bürosunda çalışmalarına devam etmektedir. Ceza Hukuku, Medeni-Boşanma-Aile Hukuku, Bilişim Hukuku avukatlığı ana çalışma dallarıdır. Özellikle boşanma ve ceza avukatlığı üzerine pratik ve deneyim sahibidir. Bu alanlarda 5.000'den fazla yazı ve makalesi bulunmaktadır. Adres: Turhan Cemal Beriker Blv. No:7, Ziya Algan İş Merkezi Kat:5 Daire:41 E-posta: Telefon: 0534 910 97 43

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