What is the matter of material and non-pecuniary damages?


Material and moral compensation deliberately, unintentionally - aims to eliminate the damage caused as a result of unjustified actions as a result of negligence or non-negligence.

Financial compensation: It is a type of case in which the person claims the financial loss caused by a defective and unlawful conduct.

Compensation : It is a kind of litigation where the pain and suffering are suffered financially by another person or institution.


Compensation types are as follows: severance pay, compensation due to traffic accident, compensation due to a crime committed against the person, compensation for compensation, compensation for which insurance companies are responsible, compensation arising from the Civil Code, calculation of marriage compensation, labor and social security law indemnities arising from insulting and blasphemy.


Law of torts you need to follow the right way by contacting your solicitor. Compensation cases can be opened for a variety of reasons. To give an example from life, compensation cases encountered in practice are as follows:

  1. Worker-employer compensation cases = Due to the disputes arising between the worker and his boss
  2. Injury, accident, compensation cases opened as a result of criminal cases
  3. Claims filed as a result of intellectual - civil cases = Unauthorized sharing of information, theft
  4. Claims in the vehicle, transportation, logistics sector


Compensation cases can be opened in several different courts depending on their reasons. It is necessary to know the basis of the legal relationship in order to determine which court of indemnity will be opened, especially the criminal court, court of first instance.


The compensation case consists of several stages. good lawyer You will be able to conclude the case in the fastest way and you will get your various damage items / amounts that do not even come to your mind thanks to the experience. If you want us to provide legal services for you in this matter or you can contact us by phone or by e-mail for any questions you may have. CONTACT You can contact us by filling out the form in section.

  • Promote the claims of the Party in accordance with an appropriate language and legal terminology and procedures
  • Witnessing the witnesses, asking questions to the witnesses, concluding the witness statements in your favor
  • Disability / disability / deprivation rate determination (One of the most important processes, the amount of compensation is calculated at this rate, the objections and statements to be made to the expert reports are of great importance)
  • Defect Detection (Another important point, defect rate is one of the main receivables of your compensation amount.)
  • Calculation of material and non-pecuniary damage within the framework of the usual flow of life

If you are represented by a good lawyer in the framework of this process, this process will be concluded between 1-2 years. The experience is very important. In practice, compensation cases that lasted until 10 year are seen frequently, citizens are late in their rights and therefore they are not fair. rebellion.

What is done after the termination of the compensation case?

Compensation in favor of the case in the event that the court decision is immediately followed in the enforcement offices. In order to be able to collect the amount you deserve in accordance with your finalized compensation decision, you must be collected through an attorney (usually the person who is the lawyer in the compensation case performs the execution procedures) by applying the execution path.

Compensation Calculation

Compensation calculation is performed by investigating the characteristics of the event. For the calculation of compensation, the current report is prepared within the framework of an expert report using all the data available to him / her. It is important whether or not to accept the amount of compensation prepared in the expert report. The right to appeal against the expert report is reserved. It is often expressed in the courts against the expert report. It is important to manage this process with a lawyer for the calculation of compensation.

Att. Saim Incekas

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  1. Filiz She said:

    My lawyer is my boss with the other side of the 2012 fake documents have ruined my case with the game was played I've provoked my friend in the hands of all the evidence I'm in my hands enyuksek all the rights of many I'll take all my rights a case very painful but fraudulent documents false counterfeit decisions fake receipts fake signatures other judge other lawyer other than the civil servant names how much matter must maneuver a very big game I've spoiled such a big birçılığını çılmiş such a very cuckold lawyer I think that the law is almost my mother bizım villager the case is very high How should I take such a lawyer

  2. Hulya She said:

    Mrb good days 9 months ago we took a grocery store but after the take over the market the fight with the former owners, such as the threat of man wounded business grew up in my brand I've lost a lot of damage I still want to ask the question before I turn off my brand or transfer to someone else after the lawsuit can I know what is open ??? If I don't do it legally, the job will grow more and go to kill the man.

  3. Hulya She said:

    Mrb good days 9 months ago we took a grocery store but after the take over the market the fight with the former owners, such as the threat of man wounded business grew up in my brand I've lost a lot of damage I still want to ask the question before I turn off my brand or transfer to someone else after the lawsuit can I know what is open ??? if I don't do it legally, the business will grow more and go to kill people

  4. Hasan She said:

    Wizards I have a question to get information I'm now migraine shopping money from a small amount of money from my card, then took it out saying they did not withdraw but said the balance was insufficient, so my last money was taken, and they did not draw me so I took my girlfriend's card, but I paid my money I said I've heard my money back 2 month they are going to return and the most recent twitter from the official page of the twit and turn back but this time they directed to the store they did not take your money they call the agricultural bank said I'm looking for the bank they said they did not have trouble with the provisioning number they gave me this small amount of material for moral compensation now migra can I open the case for information

  5. zie She said:

    mrb we have opened a furnace with a ordinary partnership but I left after 9 month. After the 1 month old partners traded the penance loan and did not pay the executive came to the bank when I was asked to get my exit document was told I would do but I was continued to play. I opened the case of negative detection and the bank appealed to the bank took about 3 years took a lot of blocks in my bank to connect my car was borrowed from other partners.
    Now I can open the case of material compensation without waiting for the result of the Supreme Court. What is your winning rate so you'll have to turn on how much the average cost will be. thanks

  6. Bilal She said:

    Someone cuts my front and assaulted the police I've complained about the 15 years I've been using goggles far away in the case of the police reports I've been in the case of the law on the compensation of damages if I open my case

  7. Elijah She said:

    Mrh will have a question of mine I have been discussing with the boss 3 weeks ago and got out of work 6 said I would not give the boss compensation I could not agree to the mediation of the firm I have been working for over the years, but thank you materially how much expense it would cost me.

  8. Onur She said:

    Hi, I android apps via 3 years game oynuyorum.v some money to my account than an actual thing I do as yatırmıştım.haksız that kapattılar.türki de branch of what I am exposed to amounts and slander I öğrendim.öde, for I crawled material and turn action for compensation now I want should I follow a path?

  9. Hasan She said:

    Hello easy come 2016 credit in the vehicle in the process of credit transactions we payed in advance of the firm employee signed documents to the cat said that the garbage is not behind the back of the 15 day after the notary on the sale without our knowledge of the change of the sale price changes after fifteen days changed the price of the car pledged hostage The car is being pledged by the bank to the court we have applied to the court for the last two years we have lost what we should do and on top of that we are paying this tool for two years

  10. Roses Drummer She said:

    Good day, one of my brother-in-law called his brother and beat him up, my brother has been lying on his stomach for two weeks and he can walk properly. The 10 stitches are right next to the breech, and the seams explode. They say it takes too long to heal. Psychologically, the family has affected us very badly. His brother min pride in honor of the pride negatively affected every aspect of the material. There are witnesses from our doctors ... How long does it end up? And when the case is concluded, the lawsuit is filed? Thank you very much in advance if you inform the process.

  11. Tuncay She said:

    Mrh. I bought milk from a convenience store xNUMX package, and their milk has been clotted, although the expiration date is about 6 months. In this case, I would like to impose non-pecuniary damages. should I open a case to the market or x brand? What court looked at this case? Thanks in advance

  12. arzu She said:

    Hi all, I would like to ask a question 19 my son in front of the building where the other sitting in the building sitting two people a week in advance, stole the engine stolen stolen their hand on the head when you stole a Semias hit and put his head on the head I could sue for compensation compensation.

  13. Suat She said:

    Slmm the material and spirituality cases acicamm. Bi sex sexual assault allegedly with the name of bni. I'm gonna have to wait for this case.

  14. Melih She said:

    Hi, We have received 6 meter cable from the electrician 2 mm35 but the manufacturer has stolen from the material and have the cable of about 4mm2. It says that the cable has 6 mm2 all over the holster. We can open the case of material compensation to the manufacturer, and if we open, how can we achieve a result.

  15. Nur rock She said:

    A week ago, I was subjected to violence by my unofficial partner. I got a tooth fracture surgery. I want to open a case for material moral compensation but there is no camera in the shop but I do not want to testify, how should I follow a path, please provide information? Can I win the case?

  16. Contact Samet directly She said:

    Hello there . I applied to the Administrative Court for a review of my examination paper at the university. The court decided in favor of me and was entitled to take one course. I finished school after the one-course exam. I want to open a compensation case can I open? What kind of court should I follow?

  17. Contact Uğur directly She said:

    Hello 27 April 2018 was taken into custody 1 May 2018 was arrested and the first court 14 / 11 / 2018 de evicted 30 2019 April XNUMX acquitted the decision of acquittal how can I follow the way and how much compensation can thank you in advance

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