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Adana Criminal Lawyer

Criminal cases can affect a person's career and future. Especially in Adana, the number of criminal cases is quite high. As a natural result of this situation, there are experts and competent criminal lawyers in Adana.

Adana Penal Lawyers

When it comes to criminal lawyer, the best lawyer is always sought. Being detailed in choosing his bread, human being should be very careful when choosing his criminal lawyer. Because, as a result of criminal cases, there is a possibility that the person will be exposed to heavy sanctions. Therefore, on the internet,adana criminal lawyer","best adana criminal lawyer","adana heavy criminal lawyerIt is seen that searches such as ”were made.

The best criminal lawyer in Adana; It refers to a lawyer who is competent and experienced, especially in the fields of heavy criminal cases and prosecution investigations. Having expertise in a branch of law requires a long and arduous process. All repercussions of the client's action should be foreseen by thinking multi-dimensionally in terms of analytics and legislation. For your search for Adana criminal lawyer and heavy criminal lawyer, you need to find lawyers who meet these criteria and have strong communication skills.

Criminal proceedings are particularly painful in terms of “accused”. You must manage this process with a criminal counsel who has vast experience and knowledge.

What Does the Criminal Lawyer Do For You?

In your criminal case in Adana Courthouse The criminal lawyer who will represent you must act in accordance with both the established Supreme Court decisions and the letter of the law. Even a small detail to be overlooked leads to major loss of rights. Concluding the criminal case against him may lead to irreparable and deprivation of liberty.

Unfortunately, there is no specialization in the field of law in Adana. For this reason, every lawyer colleague who works as a lawyer can undertake cases from every field. There is no application that prevents or regulates this in our country yet.

On your case intensifying lawyer for you best adana criminal lawyer will be. Experience is extremely necessary for the successful conclusion of the litigation processes and reaching the result, and what is more important than the experience is that your lawyer is yours. focus on your case and all necessary processes and operations.

Best Penal and Criminal Attorney in Adana

Unfortunately, crime rates are high in Adana. If you are the person who has been harmed as a result of any crime, if there is a crime that is being committed or continues to be committed, you can complain to the prosecutor's office through your criminal lawyer and ask for an investigation to be started.

If you are looking for the best criminal lawyer in these matters, make sure to do a preliminary research. Is the person you are looking for the best lawyer in your field or the lawyer who hired you? After these investigations, you can make an agreement with the lawyer who you think will get the best service for you without hesitation.

In the new Turkish Criminal Justice system the person to represent himself in criminal cases with the attorney has become essential. Decisions of the Criminal Courts are in the nature of "conclusive evidence". For this reason, after a positive criminal case, an additional compensation case is usually filed.

Adana Criminal Lawyer Saim İncekaş provides services in order to provide the best and smoothest service in criminal investigation, interrogation, prosecution and litigation stages.

Criminal punishment, punishment and severe punishment Our expert staff follows the processes from the interrogation and detention stage to the detention stage. The elements necessary for the formation of a crime are handled by us in all details. The best lawyer is the one who understands the issue best and produces the best solution for you. For this reason, it is of great importance that you set out with the lawyer you think will best defend you, even during the judicial control phase.

Adana Criminal Attorney Fees

The effort and care required by each criminal case is different. In our article titled Adana Criminal Attorney Fees, the types of fees are explained according to the type of criminal case. The lawyer will make a fee according to the effort he will give to the file. On average, the lowest criminal attorney fees that criminal lawyers can legally charge are as follows:

  • Investigation 800 TL,
  • Criminal Punishment 850 TL,
  • Heavy Penal, 5.400 TL,
  • Children's Heavy Penal 5.400 TL.

There is a list of advocacy fees published by the Adana Bar for the purpose of establishing an opinion on the fees requested by criminal lawyers in Adana. The fees mentioned here reflect an average amount and the lawyers are not bound by the fees written here.

Heavy Criminal Lawyer in Adana

Adana Heavy Penal LawyerAdana Heavy Penal Courts is the name given to the lawyers who are experts in the files and hearings. Specialist lawyer representing suspected or attorney in heavy criminal cases heavy criminal lawyer it is called. Heavy crimes, which are numbered in our Turkish Penal Code and require a prison sentence of more than 10 years, are tried in the heavy penal court. Heavy penal courts deal with some of the catalog crimes listed in the Turkish Penal Code. In such cases where there is heavy suspicion, requests for arrest or judicial control are frequently included.

adana criminal lawyer

The Types of Lawsuits We Provide Criminal and High Criminal Attorney Services in Adana:

  1. What is the offense and punishment of slander?
  2. Embezzlement and Punishment.
  3. Crime Of Sexual Relationship With Minors.
  4. What is the offense and punishment of sexual assault?
  5. What is the offense and punishment?
  6. What is the crime of punishment and punishment?
  7. What is Torture Crime and Punishment?
  8. What is the crime and punishment of organ and tissue trade?
  9. The crime and the punishment of wounding.
  10. Crime of Aggravated Injury.
  11. Deliberate Crime
  12. What is the Crime and Punishment of Killing Crime?
  13. Suicide Crime
  14. Deliberately Criminal Offense and Punishment (2017)
  15. Crime of Traffic Safety
  16. Offenses Compromise
  17. Religious Beliefs and Abuse of Emotions
  18. Opening an Account with Someone Else's Name on Facebook
  19. How to remove judicial control?
  20. Crimes and Punishment for Endangering Traffic Safety

Adana Criminal Cases of First Instance

The Criminal Courts of First Instance are the courts dealing with crimes requiring prison terms of 10 years or less. There are 16 Criminal Courts of First Instance in Adana. It is possible to say that criminal cases are relatively less than heavy criminal cases. The location of the criminal lawyer is very important in these cases. Since there is only one judge in the criminal courts of first instance, the lawyer has a big duty to enlighten the case.

Duties of Criminal Lawyer

Crimes and punishments are not only about two hundred and fifty crimes committed in our Turkish Penal Code. Apart from the Turkish Penal Code, there are hundreds of other laws that contain criminal norms. Therefore, the scope of the criminal lawyer is very wide. Law on Banking Law, Military Criminal Code, Press Law, Traffic Law, Forest Law, Firearms and Knives these are examples.

The criminal lawyer you are looking for in Adana should have full knowledge of all these laws, should know the material and moral elements of the crime committed, and should make the claim or defense accordingly. As Adana Criminal Lawyer, these elements should form your criteria. In Adana, a criminal lawyer should have a good command of "trial" and "execution".

The criminal lawyer is also closely concerned with whether the decisions made by the judge or the panel of judges are objective. There should be no relationship of interest or kinship between the judge and the parties. Judges must fulfill their duties and responsibilities fully. This issue is controlled by the lawyer. If there is an obstacle for the judge to look into the case, this situation is reported to the court with the "rejection of the criminal judge". 

Cases of pre-trial detention are common in Adana. In such cases, the primary occupation of the lawyer is to issue a release order for the person to be "trial pending trial". The eviction decision is made by an interim decision of the criminal court. Interim decisions are usually made with hearings. In such cases, all decisions rendered in the hearing report prepared by the criminal court are stated in detail.

Adana Penal Lawyers

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Finally; In Rough Words: Why Should You Hire a Criminal Lawyer?

People can ask for someone else's help when defending themselves for different reasons. Defense and defense, one of them, has a complex structure. There are many concepts in it. Understanding the event, translating it into the language of law, finding the rule suitable for the event from the current legal rules, writing, verbally speaking, making requests, making the necessary objections is the simplest form of what should be done in this context.

It is difficult for a citizen to do these things without a lawyer in criminal cases, no matter how talented and experienced the citizen is. In this highly complex and technically demanding structure, the loss of rights of the individual becomes inevitable. For this reason, a lawyer, who is considered an expert in criminal cases, needs the defense of a citizen.

About the Author: Lawyer Saim İncekaş

Saim İncekaş is a lawyer registered with Adana Bar Association. He has been working at İncekaş Law Firm, which he founded, based in Adana, since 2016. After completing his law education with a master's degree, he carried out many different studies in this field. He is an expert in areas such as family law, divorce, custody cases, children's rights, criminal cases, commercial disputes, real estate, inheritance and labor law. Saim İncekaş is actively involved not only in the Adana Bar Association, but also in associations and organizations such as the European Lawyers Association, the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and Access to the Right to a Fair Trial. In this way, it takes part in many studies aimed at increasing awareness of the universality of law and confidence in the legal system. Contact Us Now via WhatsApp for an Appointment and Preliminary Meeting


  1. What is the average cost of criminal cases in Adana?

    • Greetings Feridun Bey, Adana Criminal Advocate fees are determined according to the "Adana Bar Association Recommended Attorney Fees" table. In this chart, a lower limit that criminal lawyers can request in Adana has been determined. The upper limit of the fee to be demanded by the lawyer is determined by his / her own service and labor.

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