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# Herkes Anyone who invests in Bank Asya ı charged with membership

Supreme Court, 17 / 25 Bank Asya after the December judicial coup to invest money alone FETÖ membership decided that the crime. 15 January 2014 milestones received by the FETÖ ringleader ver Deposit money alındı ​​were ordered. (2017 / 1862 E., 2017 / 5796 K.)

# Kendi The Person Who Wants to Change His Last Name is Important to His Choice and Desire! ”

The last case-law of the Supreme Court in the decision; He decided that he could determine how a person is known in society and his choice in this direction could be justified. (2017 / 6122 E., 2017 / 14423 K.)

# “The Great Gospel of the Supreme Court of Workers to Employees!” Premium payments will no longer replace annual leave, week holiday payment!

21.11.2018, the Supreme Court of Appeals named “Overtime Decision Concerning Millions of Employees çıkan on www.yenisafak.com. Law Office decision. The Supreme Court ruled that it is unacceptable that premium payments are a replacement for overtime, week-end, national holiday and general holiday fees.

# Olun Be careful when choosing a janitor in your apartment, as the residents of the apartment you can be held responsible for the janitor's fault! ”

14.11.2018 on www.hurriyet.com.tr “The site officer killed the guest businessman önemli 3 the important decision for the residents of the Court of Appeals site. Law Office decision. Court of Appeals, the doorman on the site of the car park stabbed to kill the guest because of the controversy found the residents of the site defective. With the precedent decision of the Supreme Court; the man shall be obliged to choose a person with the intellectual, professional knowledge and abilities appropriate to the work to be seen.

# “The Supreme Court ruled that weekly leave for workers cannot be less than 24 hours”

Regarding the haftalık weekly leave of workers olan stemming from the Labor Law; The Court of Cassation ruled that this permit cannot be issued for less than 24 hours and cannot be used by disintegrating or accumulating.

# “Every week's permission to the father makes the mother constantly connected to the house!”

The joint permission given to the father every weekend, the Supreme Court of Appeals has been terminated! It was decided that the Supreme Court would remain dependent on the house at weekends in the event that it was compulsory to see each week, and that the custodian could not fulfill its duties efficiently. Therefore, at least one 15 day permission application was introduced.

# “The administrative penalty imposed on the officer against the procedure was canceled!”

An investigator has been appointed for the plaintiff's alleged defective conduct without proper investigation, 1. There is no lawfulness in the transaction, which is made by the Disciplinary Supervisor by making a defense proposal and the signature of the person who proposes the penalty in the Disciplinary Committee's decision. With the decision of the Supreme Court of Appeals, the penalty imposed on the officer was canceled.

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