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# ”Anyone who deposits money to Bank Asia Asya was charged with being a member of an organization

The Supreme Court of Appeals, 17 / 25 Decided to deposit funds to Bank Asya after the December judicial coup d'etat was a FETÖ membership crime alone. The 15 January 2014 shaft was issued by the FETO ringleader to order the X Deposit F. (2017 / 1862 E., 2017 / 5796 K.)

# Kendi The person who wants to change his surname is important and his desire is important! “

In the final case-law of the Supreme Court of Appeals; He determined that the individual can determine how he is known in the society and his choice in this direction can be justified. (2017 / 6122 E., 2017 / 14423 K.)

# Izin Big Employees from the Supreme Court of Appeal to Employees Employees! ”The annual leave of premium payments will no longer be a substitute for the weekend holiday payment!

21.11.2018 is the Supreme Court of Appeals on the. Million employees çıkan issue published on the 22 website The decision of the Legal Department. The Supreme Court ruled that the premium payments could not be accepted as replacing overtime, weekends, national holidays and general holiday fees.

# ”Be careful when choosing a doorman for your apartment, you can also be held responsible for apartment owners as a janitor!“

14.11.2018 on 'Site officer killed the guest business man… 3 entitled misafir Important decision for the residents of the Supreme Court X. The decision of the Legal Department. The Supreme Court, the caretaker on the site of the vehicle park stabbed because of the vehicle park stabbed to kill the guests found the site is also defective. With the decision of the Supreme Court as a precedent; man will be deemed obliged to choose a person with the appropriate idea, professional knowledge and skills to the job.

# ”The Supreme Court decided that the weekly leave for workers could not be less than 24 hours“

On the 'weekly leave of workers' originating from the Labor Law; The Court of Cassation decided that this permit could not be given less than 24 hours and could not be used later by disintegrating or accumulating.

# Bağlı For the father, every week, the permission of the parents makes the mother constantly connected to the home! “

The joint child given for the father was terminated by the Supreme Court of Appeal every weekend. It was decided that the mother would be always dependent on the weekends at the weekend and that the custody mission could not be carried out efficiently. For this reason, at least one 15 permission was passed on the day.

# Verilen The administrative punishment of the civil servant was canceled! “

An investigator has been appointed because of the alleged offending behavior of the plaintiff, without proper investigation, 1. The penalty proposal is made by the Discipline Officer and the person who submits the punishment is not subject to the law. With the decision of the relevant Court of Cassation, the penalty given to the officer in a procedural manner was canceled.