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Adana-based Incekas Law and Attorneys at Law Office has experienced and specialized commercial litigation Turkish Commercial Code ve Company Law in Adana, Turkey.

Professional Commercial Law Support for Companies in Adana

Both domestic and foreign companies commercial law There are various problems in the field. Our law office in Adana; establishment, opening, merger, registration of companies, regeneration of companies, registration of names and titles, general assembly and board procedures and all legal decisions affecting the company provides legal and legal advice.

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The commercial attorneyship requests that we generally receive from companies in Adana are as follows:

  • Determination and amendment of the articles of association of the company,
  • Capital increase, statistical ratio and reduction,
  • Ensuring the balance of legal interest of the partners through capital changes,
  • Following up the personal debts of board members in joint stock companies,
  • Collection of the Company's receivables through enforcement proceedings,
  • Termination of the company, liquidation-bankruptcy transactions,
  • Criminal sanctions of companies,

Our Commercial Law and Company Consultancy Services in Adana

İncekaş Law Office trade and corporate law service located in the province of Adana and Adana Chamber of Commerce Offers for registered companies. In Adana Private Trade and Adana Commercial Courts we have been serving with all our experience and expertise for opened and ongoing lawsuits. Commercial courts The lawsuits and consultancy services we provide to companies are as follows;

  • To realize the establishment of companies belonging to both domestic and foreign clients (AS, LTD, Limited Partnership, Cooperative, Collective based),
  • Registration and registration of company name and trade name,
  • Legal protection of company name and title,
  • Determination of the founding agreement of the company (articles of association) and amendments,
  • Monitoring and controlling the company's revenue, continuity, independence and capital limits,

Best Adana Commercial Law Contact Our Lawyer Team

Ongoing commercial law and attorneyship within the scope of Adana province and day by day İncekaş Law and Law Office lawyer our contact page using.

Other Law Services We Provide in Adana:

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