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Compared to an action that is not explicitly written in the law, it is to punish it by likening it to an action which is shown as an offense in the law. It is not compatible with the principle of lawfulness.

The second article of the law, 'the laws of criminal and criminal provisions can not be comparable. Criminal and criminal provisions, can not be interpreted broadly to lead to the provisions of the provision' has brought.

Compared to the conditions provided for by the law or the results obtained from the general principles of the law, uncompromising situations, such as trying to reach the result by reasoning.

Compared to criminal law is prohibited.Contrary to the interpretation of the law or the interpretation is not forbidden to escape wide. .The fact that the word in the law goes beyond the meaning of the moment or when it has a different meaning makes a comparison.

Comment: the assessment of the judge of an existing provision is to reveal the meaning of the provision in terms of the concrete event.

Sample:'For three months to one year imprisonment shall be imposed on a civil servant who, unlawfully, is looking for a person or his belongings' (TCK m.120)

One person's suitcase, his bag, his pocket, a call to the public officer without a search warrant against the normal behavior of the normal punishment is given. ' Therefore, the provision of the article is not applied for the search of someone's home. The housing is the place where it is intended to settle. .The search made without a search warrant constitutes the crime of 'violating the immunity of the home'. (TCK. M116)

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