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The best divorce lawyer in Adana; especially in the field of family law. As a divorce attorney in Adana, it is necessary to work on that branch in a patient way. As a result of such a devoted work, the best lawyer in theory and practice has emerged. Adana divorce lawyer In your search, you need to find lawyers who meet these criteria and have strong communication.

Adana Divorce Lawyer

The divorce process in Adana is a painful process for the parties. best divorce lawyer Sought. It is recommended that you manage this process with a wide range of experience and knowledge. The main tasks of a divorce attorney in Adana are as follows;

In this process settled Supreme Court decisions ve the law contradictory big rights losses you can experience it, you need to be extremely careful about it.

Best Divorce Lawyers in Adana

He worked as a divorce lawyer in Adana. Saim Incekas is specialized in divorce and family law. She is a member of Adana Bar Association and works as a divorce lawyer.

Adana Divorce Advocate - Adana Advocate Saim Incekas

Adana Divorce Lawyer; contentious divorce, contracted divorceThere should be a lawyer who is knowledgeable in the light of the current case law on the subject of the sharing of goods, custody of the common child and the alimony case. Choosing your lawyer in a field that requires such specialization is important in terms of getting a favorable result from the case and not losing the right. Divorce cases are a process that is debilitating. Through a good attorney, you can manage divorce proceedings to get the fastest results. As you can see, when you are looking for a divorce attorney, working with an expert and well-known attorney in your field will save you from the emergence of preventable damages.

It is the right decision to call the best divorce lawyer or the famous divorce lawyer in Adana. The Adana Bar Association, the 20.000 lawyer, will be the best choice to find the best divorce lawyer.

Adana divorce lawyer As the field of work in our law office which is reputed as; divorce cases, alimony cases, marriage cancellation casesand the family law cases concerning the abolition of alimony, the increase of alimony, the custody of the common child and the sharing of the assets of the spouses.

We can describe the best divorce lawyer as follows; lawyers avukatbetter “and la worse etik is not an ethical but a false judgment. On your case intensifying lawyer for you best divorce attorney. As the experience is extremely necessary for the successful conclusion of the proceedings and the conclusion of the litigation process, the subject matter of your experience is also focus on your case and all necessary processes and operations. your lawyer Adana Baro It must be registered and working with the tax number. Therefore, you can adjust the intensity of work and spend enough time It is recommended to manage the process of divorce with a lawyer.

Question answer

Wives seeking divorce, divorce suit they must be informed in detail before opening. Wives seeking to file for divorcethey should obtain this information through a lawyer and employ the lawyer in order to prevent loss of rights in the proceedings. Spouses holding a single lawyer in case of divorce contracted divorce manage the process. Again necessary documents and documents for a divorce ve What are divorce procedures? We have stated the answer to the question in our article.

Önemli Is the lawyer important in divorce? “ the question the court of the Supreme Court in the light of the divorce case by the spouses to come to mind first and often asked questions.

Q-How do I open a divorce case?

Prepare for filing divorce petition for divorce In cases where there is no Family Court, a court of first instance is filed with the necessary fees and a divorce case is opened.

Question-2) In which court of the divorce case opens?

Adana divorce case; the last common addresses of the spouses who want to divorce in the courthouse In the Family Court It opens. However, if you do not have a family court in the courthouse to which your address is attached, divorce proceedings will be filed to the Civil Court of First Instance which is the Family Court.

Madde 168 - In the case of divorce or separation proceedings, the competent court is the court where one of the spouses has settled together for the last time or six months before the settlement.

Question-3) I want a divorce immediately, is this possible?

  • The only way to divorce in a short time a divorce. I want an emergency divorce, and the spouses, who say that this work should end soon, must make a deal. However, there is a condition that the spouses must be married for at least 1 years in order to file a contract for divorce.

Question-4) Is it important which side opens the divorce case?

  • No, it doesn't matter who opened the case. Who opened the case has no positive or negative impact on the proceedings. What is important here is the proof of the reasons for divorce. The victim who filed for divorce may request for temporary housing and subsistence by requesting protection from the same court. This is a necessary precaution by the lawyer in order to prevent the victim's wife from being further victimized during the trial.

Madde 169 - When the divorce or divorce proceeding is opened, the judge shall, in particular, take provisional measures necessary for the continuation of the case, in particular for the accommodation of the spouses, for his livelihood, for the management of the property of the spouses and for the care and protection of children.

Question-5) What is the difference between consensual divorce and contentious divorce? In what circumstances is a possible divorce possible?

Divorce Attorney at Law

  • Contracted divorce ( Civil Code 166 / 3 ), the spouses have to agree on the details of how to divorce. The agreement will be prepared between the spouses weeping, goods sharing, if any child custody, jewelery, alimony, last name The articles of the agreement should be written. It is worth mentioning again; it is not possible for the spouses who have not completed the 1 year in their marriages to open a contractual divorce.
  • In contentious divorce case the divorce or divorce weeping, custody, goods sharing It does not agree on issues such as the 1 year does not fill the marriage.

Question-6) What are the reasons for divorce?

  • Reasons for divorce In accordance with the Civil Code, it is as follows: 1-Zina 2-Casting Life 3-Crime Processing 4-Abandoned 5-Mental Illness Shaking from the Foundation of the 6-Marriage Association
  • The spouses are obliged to provide the happiness of this union jointly and to take care of the care and supervision of the children by marrying them legally. The wives add their labor and assets to the marriage union. The spouses are obliged to stay loyal and help each other under the law. In the case of the spouse who does not fulfill these duties, the reasons for divorce appear above and give the right to open divorce to the victim.

    Adana Divorce Lawyers

Question-7) How long does the divorce proceed?

  • the Court workload, Evidence in the case file that depends on the proof of the reasons for divorce. However, in general ”negotiated divorce“ cases at the first hearing. Contested divorce cases will last longer than the number of witnesses to be heard and if the file is followed up well.
  • It is necessary to examine the details of the case and the demands of the parties in order to provide precise information about the duration of the divorce proceedings. The shortest period of divorce sür Contracted divorceThe contractual divorce is the result of the parties' agreement on each issue. Another type of case, the ası contentious divorce iş case, is relatively long.
  • The period of review by the Adana Regional Court of Appeal is in the range of 8-9 months. The examination of an appeal appealed after the appeal lasts an average of 10-12 months.

Question-8) Do I have a lawyer in the divorce case? If I don't hire a lawyer, will it affect the outcome?

  • In fact, there is no obligation to hire a lawyer in any case. The claimant or the defendant can follow the case and work without hiring a lawyer. However, it is important to follow up with a lawyer by giving the attorney. The legal knowledge and experience of the lawyer in terms of judicial procedure will benefit the people. As a result of the lawsuit, we recommend that you hire a lawyer in order to obtain your material and spiritual interests as desired. Even in cases of contractual divorce cases, errors may be rejected. Since the lawyers know the legislation very well and are experienced, they will be a follower of your case without leaving any legal space.

Question-9) My wife filed a dispute with me for divorce. I have a petition today. What should I do ?

  • Here is the important issue of 3 you need to do.
  • First; your partner petition for divorceanswerCase of Divorce Answer Petition). It is also important to indicate whether the events that your partner claims are true when you answer. Do you want a divorce? Compensation, alimony ve child custodyDo you want? You have to tell them in your petition.
  • Latter; family divorce court You need to submit a list of evidence and witness-witnesses. It is very important that you present the names and addresses of your witnesses to the court with a list.
  • Third; with your response petition evidence-witness-witness The list of divorce proceedings must give to the court in 2 weeks from the time you arrive. If you do not give a petition for a divorce, you have requested the refusal of the divorce case. And in court, you can't hear witnesses. 2 weekly response and evidence - if you do not provide witness list your serious serious losses It may occur. We'il caution you.
  • 'Petition of reply' followed by the other party 'petitionright to give.

Question-10) Divorce instead of the decision to leave the Court, What does the separation decision mean?

  • Divorce suit proving the reason for divorce by opening the same time kanıtseparation”Has the right to request. In case of a request for a bu separation ebi decision instead of divorce, the judge must comply with this request.
  • In the cases filed with a request for divorce iylereason for divorce. If ir unproven ”and the judge believes that“ there is a possibility of re-establishment of a common life ”, he / she decides hayat separation”. Separation means that the spouses live apart for a certain period of time. This period is by law 1 years 3 years. Spouses at the end of this period, the court before the court to judge whether there is an improvement.More detailed information on separation decision)
  • Sometimes one of the parties does not want to divorce, the other side may want to wear in this process. How is the decision to leave the court? In this article we discussed how a process will proceed.

Question-11) After the decision to divorce the old woman's surname or the right to continue with divorced spouse's right to continue

  • Women as a result of divorce Personal status It will protect. This means that if the woman wants to get the surname of the family again. Before the woman is married, the widow is take back the former husband's last name can even be requested. In the light of the current Supreme Court decisions, the woman who is divorced from her husband is in custody. give the child his own surname.
  • Women's the last name of her husband's divorce a request for continued use is also legally possible. If the woman's interest in this issue is proved to be of no harm to the husband, she can continue with her current surname. However, the husband always has the right to appeal on this issue.
  • Woman change surname For the divorce, the provincial directorate of the province should make a written declaration.

Question-12) By filing a divorce case, requesting material and non-pecuniary damages

  • Financial compensation: As explained earlier, in the case of a claim for compensation in the divorce case, first of all the court is investigated which side is more dav flawed Daha. In the case of divorce, the financial situation may be demanded, or in the future, a material damage may be demanded from the party that has more defect.
  • Compensation: The party whose personal rights are being attacked, especially the emotional and psychological situation due to divorce, has the right to ask for the appropriate amount of compensation in the same amount.
  • Important issue: material and non-pecuniary compensation after divorce It is also desirable. In other words, in the case of divorce, you have the right to a claim for material and non-pecuniary damage. However, this period is yıl 1 year Ancak.

Question-13) Receiving Alimony During and After Divorce

  • First of all, it should be noted that the person who falls into poverty without being aware of men or women is entitled to alimony. Alimony to qualify for child support for the side fall into poverty (not working) and less should be the party. Alimony is known as “indefinite Naf as it is known.
  • Nafaka about defect rate is an important concern. Even if the defamatory party with more flaws provides the conditions of alimony on top of it, it will not be ruled by the court. In the event that the less defective party is entitled to alimony, no further fault will be sought for the person who is obliged to pay alimony. This issue is important and difficult to understand and important. (The Supreme Court Decisions on the Detection of Defects)

Question-14) Material, Non-pecuniary indemnity and alimony in bulk or with the maturity of the decision to pay, alimony possible to ask the Director?

  • Property Compensation and child support installments (irat) can be paid. This is again subject to the court's decision. Parties arbitrarily compensation and child support payment cannot choose shape. Adana divorce lawyer it is recommended to follow this process.
  • In the process of pending compensation and alimony in the process of pending marriage or the death of the other party is completely eliminated. In addition, alimony and financial compensation for the removal of the other party to live in the actual life or the economic situation is sufficient to be improved. In this case, these issues are requested with the case to be opened.
  • Alimony with rising inflation, reduced purchasing power of money request to increase child support With the court will be able to raise alimony. Case in this process alimony the settlement should be opened in court.

Question-15) How is the divorce case shared? ( Property Clearance)

  • The first thing to be mentioned when answering the question is this: Spouses can do their share without leaving the court in the opinion of the court. In practice, however, it is often seen that the spouses are in dispute and conflict. In this case, the court intervenes and decides in accordance with the Civil Code.
  • According to the Turkish Civil Code, there is a separate period in the share of property to be made by the court decision.

    Divorce Case Advocate

    Burada After 2006 and the period in which the majority is included. In Civil Law Change made in 2006 and with editing vematrimonialThe procedure for the couples married after the 2006 year is as follows: - The money earned by each of the spouses during the marriage period, the real estate and the real estate shall be shared among the partners jointly. In other words, for the couples, there is a mal half söz share of goods with the public statement.

  • In case of a yine separation ecek decision by the court instead of divorce, the management of the goods will be determined by the court in favor of the parties during the separation between 1-3 years.

Question-16) I can get an inheritance from my divorced wife, my divorced wife left me a will

  • Divorced spouse is now legally heir of the other wife is not. In case of death of the other spouse, the divorced spouse cannot make any request. If there is a EğerwillŞek If so, this rule is again. However, this rule one exception In this testament, if the bulunmak divorce bu is clearly stated as tut I leave this will to my wife, if my inheritance is his orum, this will be reserved and the divorced spouse will be entitled to the inheritance.

QN-17) If a spouse dies during a divorce case

  • During the divorce death of one of the spouses in the case of the deceased spouse's heirs may proceed financially to the case. This is because there will be an important issue of ı inheritance ”sharing. If the divorce decision is not given as a result of the case, the surviving spouse is still the heir, and in practice it is unlikely that this situation has been approved by other legal inheritors. In this case, legal heirs may follow the case of the deceased spouse and have the right to prove the counterparty's fault.

Question-18) Divorce in the case of child custody in the mother, does it stay in the father? How will parents be responsible for the care of the child? What are the responsibilities of the spouse who is not the custodian?

  • Custody of the child in divorce First of all, it should be noted that the court will decide who will stay. Who will stay in custody about konusundasuperior benefit of the childIr is decided by the court and the personal contact hours with the child and the child's assistance for the care of the child are determined by the court. This spouse has to assist the child in maintenance and education costs (alimony support).

Question-19) Custody Changing Case, How to Open the Case of Custody Post-Mother or Father?

  • Adana divorce lawyer With the divorce proceedings carried out with the custody of the person later boşcustody change caseIt can be replaced by ”. The first condition of this situation is that the person who holds the custody lives an unlucky life, marries with another person, goes to another place (out of the province), or dies, and the other spouse has the right to demand custody. This case should be taken up in a good way. In case of rejection, the victim will suffer.

Question-20) The Laws and Legal Rules The Judge Should Comply With In Divorce

Divorce Lawyer Adana

  • Judge in divorce divorce attorney should bring m conscientious opinion arac when evaluating the evidences collected. The cases without the opinion of the judge are not proven by the parties. This is of great importance in determining the defect rate of the parties. Best divorce lawyers in Adana it is recommended that you work together.
  • There is no ”swear“ in divorce. The parties may not be forced to swear before the court. The divorce lawyer cannot offer oath to the other party.
  • The confessions of the parties on the oath do not bind the court. The court investigates and illuminates this issue by itself.
  • Divorce decision is not made unless the Contracted Divorce Protocol is approved by the judge. The judge shall examine the matters on his own and give the decision to the benefit of the parties.
  • Divorce cases in Adana Courthouse liysecret hearingIlebilir can be requested to be done. Request divorce attorney should be done by. The judge cannot decide spontaneously.

Adana-Divorce Advocate Divorce Fees and Conditions

  • Contracted divorce fee they are received by the lawyer against the minimum fees of attorneys. How much do I have to pay for a divorce? Adana divorce lawyer fees ve Divorce Attorney General of Turkey to 2019 Year Fees We have examined this issue according to the baron's recommended minimum wage table. If we need to speak for Adana, the Divorce fee on average is 2.500 TL, while the Contested Divorce fee is on average 4.500 TL. These fees vary depending on the difficulty of the case.
  • As a divorce lawyer for the parties who wish to negotiate a divorce, the conditions to be legally provided are as follows:
  1. Marriage 1 must have completed the year. Contractual divorce is not possible through the divorce lawyer.
  2. Adana Divorce Advocate through one of the spouses as a plaintiff and the other as the defendant process is accelerated.
  3. On the day of the hearing, both parties must be present in court. Otherwise, contracted divorce is not possible.
  4. Prepared by the parties protocol TÜM liquidation of goods, custody, material-moral compensation on such matters be understood.

Question-22) The Case of the Petition for Divorce, How to Write a Petition for Divorce?

  • To open a divorce case How to write a petition, what should be considered in the petition for divorce? We will answer the question. BThe lawsuit is opened on the basis of the reasons for the divorce. Therefore, first of all the details should be dominated, the reasons for divorce should be determined correctly and a petition for divorce should be prepared. For example, anma due to deception al will be opened In a divorce case First, the issue of deception should be defined. Otherwise, the case is rejected by the court.
  • There are many petitions in our website about divorce cases. However, filing a divorce with any petition will have great consequences for you. Each case has its own autonomous qualities, and in every case the divorce lawyer should be followed and the rules and jurisprudence that may be applied. In this process, perhaps a concrete case that is completely opposed to your case by submitting a long case will not benefit from starting a trial process.

Question-23) How much do divorce lawyers pay?

  • First of all, the court has to pay the fees and expenses. the amount of these fees and expenses is the maximum amount of 2018 for the year 300. The minimum amount of the wage to be received by the divorce attorney is determined by law. The minimum wage that the divorce attorney can get in 2018 is 2.000.

Question-24) Is it necessary to keep Adana divorce lawyer?

  • State parties to the case in Turkey is not obliged to keep any lawyer to the case. However, the Lawyer is an indispensable element in order for each case to be concluded successfully and quickly. It will be in your favor to pursue your case through lawyer on matters such as alimony, verse and material and moral damages.

Question-25) How can a divorce lawyer get a quick divorce process?

  • The fastest and quickest can be concluded The divorce process is anma Contracted divorce En. There are some requirements for a negotiated divorce, (The Supreme Court Decisions Concerning Contracted Divorce) These are: Marriage has lasted at least a year, the parties have reached an agreement on the issue of the result of divorce. A two-month trial date is given for a divorce case to be opened in Adana. This period is one week in contracted divorce cases. Contract divorce is a very rapid process.
  • In the event of a divorce after the first hearing in the contentious divorce case, the court judge's reasoned decision to write a reasoned decision requires an additional period of time until 2. In order to obtain results in a contested divorce case, a total of at least one 6 month is required. In this process, especially all the documents and procedures of the procedure must be fully provided by the lawyer, otherwise the case will take a very long time and the parties will suffer a loss of rights.
  • Divorce case family law lawyers The process of execution is important to complete smoothly and quickly. It is possible to find good divorce lawyers in a city like Adana. The number of lawyers 10 is a city of more than one thousand adana, you have to make sure that the lawyer you have to work with has sufficient knowledge and knowledge. the resume of the divorce attorney You can examine, research the areas of expertise.

Question-26) What Happens in the Case of Financial and Non-pecuniary indemnity after the divorce case?

  • In the first divorce case you open, you have to claim your alimony and compensation claims, otherwise the process and cost will be prolonged.

Question-27) What is the crime of violating the privacy of private life due to the evidence presented?

  • If the evidence presented is against the law by the court and is not taken into consideration, the crime of maz violating the privacy of private life mahkeme does not occur. The High Criminal Court has established resolutions on this: Inden Noting that the defendant had recorded the case file in the Family Court without being informed by his wife, proven record contain any record no submission divorce in the case of the parties decided to leave but the reasoned decision proven the record As it was understood that there was no admissibility, there was no disregard in the decision of acquittal of the defendant. dair

Question-28) Lawyers Attending Divorce Cases in Adana

  • Has a specialization in family and divorce cases with his professional experience in Adana Hunting. View Saim's Full Profile they are known for their legal and advisory services. When looking for a lawyer looking for a divorce case, the past cases of the lawyer should be investigated.

Q-What are the telephone numbers of the Adana Family Courts?

Question-30) How to prepare a petition to open a divorce case?

  • Firstly, I recommend that this process be managed with a lawyer. If your case is rejected, 3 will be unable to file for divorce on the same grounds throughout the year, which will create a great grievance.
  • You can review the following examples for divorce petitions:
    Petition for Divorce Due to Violation of Loyalty Liability

Adana Divorce Advocate Saim Incekas

Address of Adana Divorce Advocate

In the case of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, the clients who need divorce lawyers can reach us by using the Contact page. Adana divorce lawyer is serving to the following provinces and districts: Seyhan, çukurova, Yüreğir, Ceyhan Divorce Advocate, Kozan Divorce Lawyer, Karataş District divorce lawyer. In addition to our office in Mersin Mersin divorce and lawyer service.

Best advice for your search for divorce lawyer in Adana. In Adana, it is possible to mention the experience and experience of lawyers who are always in the forefront of divorce cases.

Adana divorce attorney Av. In this article, Saim Incekas answered the following questions for the year 2018: al How is alimony determined “,” only women receive alimony “, ı divorce cases X, X what is family housing? Sa

You can ask your questions about divorce cases by calling us from our contact page or by mail to Saim Incekas.

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