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Lawyer Saim İNCEKAŞ

Founding lawyer of Incekas Law Firm


Adana İncekaş Law Office


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Hunting. Saim İncekaş participated in USA-Washington in 2011 with various exchange programs in Stockholm in the summer program of 2013. Having successfully completed the law school, he returned to his hometown, Adana, for the execution of his profession. He performed his military service as ASAL Branch President.

It provides lawyer services in Adana in order to protect the rights of its clients, to pursue lawsuits, enforcement proceedings and to conclude official affairs in the most effective and fastest way. In Adana Incekas Law Office, family law and criminal law provide priority services.

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Working Fields of Lawyer Saim İncekaş

Divorce and Family Law

Our Incekas Law and Advocacy Office operating in Adana has expert family law and a divorce lawyer staff. We offer legal counseling and advocacy services on consensual divorce, contentious divorce, material and moral compensation, custody, child support and property regime and issues.

Employer and Employee Rights

Business law; It is a branch of law that examines the rights, wages, working conditions and conditions of workers, their relations with the unions to which they are affiliated, and all the legislation related to this field and protects the personal rights of the worker.


Enforcement Law

Collection of your receivable or objection to debt is a process that wears out both the material and the spiritual. It is necessary to pursue the legal stage with enforcement lawyers, since carrying out this process through the enforcement lawyer will prevent your material and moral losses.

Criminal law

Criminal proceedings are particularly painful in terms of “accused”. İncekaş Hukuk criminal lawyers are with you in this painful process.

commercial law

Lawyer Saim İNCEKAŞ Law Firm to commercial enterprises with its experienced lawyers Turkish Commercial Code ve Companies Law Within the framework of Adana, it offers advocacy and consultancy services.

Inheritance Law

Inheritance Law and his advocacy is his own field that requires expertise. Therefore, resolving the events taking place in this field by an expert and professional lawyer will prevent any loss of rights.

Principle and Value

Our priority is to rivet our commitment to accuracy, transparency and confidentiality to the service we offer with the strictest principles. Creativity, flexibility and teamwork values ​​are the only elements we integrate with our character.

Hunting. View Saim's Full Profile It provides lawyer services in Adana. Especially Family Law-Divorce, Criminal, Executive, Deed and it as a lawyer on their cases Located in Ziya Algan Business Center. To access our attorney's office information on Google maps click here.

ADANA BARHe continues his freelance law profession at İncekaş Law Office.

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