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Adana Administrative Law Advocate

Adana administrative law as a law office and the state and state institutions against the disputes and disputes in the administrative law are providing law services. Opened against the state administrative proceedings Most of them are:

  • Cancellation of administrative fines
  • Cancellation of administrative action
  • Claims filed against the damages of the administration

We provide consultancy and litigation services for all these issues. Adana Administrative Law Attorney Our main operations are as follows:

  1. Follow-up of settlement processes
  2. Follow-up applications to the administration to decide on these issues and to make objections to the transactions
  3. Lawsuits for the cancellation of unlawful administrative actions
  4. Indemnity of damages resulting from the violation of the administration of the law in this regard the opening of full-judicial proceedings
  5. Reconciliation of the expropriation and the need to resolve the disputes on this matter in cases where the reconciliation

Details on Administrative Law Attorneyship and Litigation Process

Administrative attorneyis the name given to a lawyer specializing in administrative law. It would be useful to emphasize what the concept of administrative law should be understood before proceeding to the services given by the administrative lawyer and the importance of holding a lawyer. Administrative lawcan be defined as a branch of law that deals with public administration, the way in which public institutions operate and their relationships with individuals. The basis of the administrative law has been determined in the constitution, in principle, and the privileges and privileges of the public have been defined. In order to clarify administrative law, we need to define what the concept of administration means. The administration is defined as the organization and the people employed in this organization in order to carry out certain tasks within the structure of the state in the organic sense. Existence of the administration is the realization of public benefit. Those who have expertise in these areas and who have acquired the principle of providing services in this field administrative lawyer It is called.

As we have already stated, the area of ​​administrative law is very wide. because of administrationthe number of in. However, if we need to count the major services, it is possible to sort out the following: opening a lawsuit for damages due to the responsibility of the administration, opening of cases for the cancellation of the transactions carried out in contradiction with the law, opposing administrative fines, opening and executing the cases, filing and executing the civil cases, tax offenses and penalties. Giving information about, filing lawsuits on tax disputes, conducting cases related to expropriation, analyzing tax disputes in administrative phase, opening of road traffic lawsuits, resolution of disputes on tender law and monitoring of procurement proceedings, application of special applications to Municipality Law analyzing and dispute disputes related to zoning law The most important services provided by the lawyer are the follow-up of the cases.

It is possible to increase the number of services mentioned above. Therefore, it would be the right choice to apply to a professional in the field of administrative law and administrative jurisdiction.

Lawyer Saim İNCEKAŞ - Adana Law Office and Law Office

Lawyer Saim İncekaş

Lawyer Saim İncekaş

Adana İncekaş Law Office

Lawyer Saim İncekaş. He resides in Adana. He continues his studies at İncekaş Law and Consultancy Office as a founder. Criminal Law, Civil-Divorce-Family Law, IT Law attorneys are the main working branches.

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