Adana Administrative Law Attorney

Adana Administrative Lawyer

As Adana administrative law attorneys' office, we provide administrative law attorneyship services in disputes and disputes against state and state institutions. Against the state administrative proceedings Most of them are:

  • Cancellation of administrative fines
  • Cancellation of administrative proceedings
  • Compensation for damages caused by the administration

We provide consultancy and litigation services in all these areas. Adana administrative law attorney Our main operations are as follows:

  1. Follow-up of settlement transactions
  2. Following up the applications made to the administration, making decisions on these issues and making objections against the transactions
  3. Lawsuits due to the cancellation of administrative actions against the law
  4. Compensation of the damages that arise as a result of the law's defect in the administration of this matter
  5. Making objections regarding expropriation and resorting to reconciliation in cases where disputes on this issue need to be settled.

Details of Administrative Law Attorney and Litigation Process

Administrative lawyeris a lawyer who specializes in administrative law. Before moving on to the services provided by the administrative lawyer and the importance of hiring a lawyer, it is useful to consider what the concept of administrative law should be understood. Administrative lawcan be defined as a branch of law that covers public administration, the ways of functioning of public institutions and their relations with individuals. The basis of administrative law is defined in the constitution in terms of the principal, where the superiority and privileges of the public are defined. In order to clarify administrative law, we need to define what the concept of administration means. Administration is defined as the organization established by the purpose of fulfilling certain duties within the state structure in organic terms and the persons employed in this organization. The existence of the administration is the realization of public benefit. Those who have expertise in these areas and who are committed to serving in this field administrative lawyer It is called.

As mentioned before, the field of administrative law is very wide. because of administration lawyer's servicesThe number is also greater. However, if we need to list the main services, it is possible to list them as follows: filing a lawsuit for compensation under the responsibility of the administration, filing lawsuits for the cancellation of transactions performed in contradiction with the law, objecting to administrative fines, filing and conducting civil lawsuits, criminal proceedings information about the law, filing lawsuits on tax disputes, conducting lawsuits related to expropriation, analyzing tax disputes through correction at administrative stage, opening traffic road lawsuits, settlement of disputes on tender law and monitoring of tendering law, and to provide consultancy services on this subject and to analyze the disputes related to the zoning law. Providing the follow-up of two cases is among the main services provided by the administrative lawyer.

It is possible to increase the number of services mentioned above. Therefore, it would be best to apply to a professional in case of a random issue in administrative law and administrative jurisdiction.

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