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Within the framework of real estate lawyer, we provide consultancy and attorneyship for legal problems experienced by our clients on land registry, land and construction issues. Real estate and land registry law; land, land, apartment, housing is a legal area that resolves legal disputes caused by immovables.

Land Registry and Real Estate Regulations Turkish Civil Code No. 4721'is based on. The relevant law 4. in his book goods and immovable regulations on goods.

We provide legal advice to our clients who work with us in real estate in Adana in various fields. These fields are; real estate and land investors, architects and contractors, construction firms and construction investors. Located in Adana, our attorney and law consultancy office offers the best advocacy service with its expertise and experience in the field of real estate and land registry.

Land Registry and Real Estate Attorney in Adana

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Lawyers with expertise and experience in real estate land, land and construction law work on. Any disputes arising in these areas fall within the realm of a real estate lawyer. Real estate law contains more than one branch of law. Therefore real estate and land registry is a profession that requires vast experience. All law changes and jurisdictions published in this field should be read by the lawyer day by day and the lawyer should keep himself up to date.

A person looking for the best real estate lawyer in Adana It is essential to work with an attorney specialized in real estate and land registry law. Definition of the most successful real estate lawyer in fact, it is a concept that describes how much the lawyer is a lawyer who masters real estate doctrine and case law.

Operating in Adana Incekas Law and Attorney Our office has the best and relevant lawyers in its staff. It provides all services related to the process in real estate disputes and acts as a consultant to raise awareness of the client. Services we provide under the roof of land registry and real estate lawyer; zoning law and its amendments, permits and documents required for title deeds and licenses, resolution of disputes with the state related to this process, expropriation processes, management plans and practices, detailed lease agreements with the nature of preventive law.

Qualities of the Best Real Estate and Land Registry Attorney

İncekaş Law, which has the best real estate lawyer experience of Adana, uses its high experience in the field of land registry and zoning to serve justice. 10 is the most effective solution and result oriented service for its clients thanks to the experience and experience gained in this field. In other words, the immovable-title deeds cases are seen in the Adana Cadastral Court. A good lawyer must have repeatedly investigated the ways of this court.

Types of Laws on Real Estate Law

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Real estate and land registry attorney in Adana One of our most requested services as kira rent agreement for floor ”. The contract and the process of drafting the contract should be carefully examined in order to avoid any disadvantage.

Deed cancellation and registration of cases It is possible to say that it is one of the most opened cases in Adana. As a real estate lawyer, it is obviously one of the types of lawsuits that require the most experience in terms of merits and procedures.

Except for these kinds of cases; Mortgage facility, conversion and follow-up of mortgage, usufruct and passage right, utilization of real rights granted on immovable property, contracts made with urban transformation and contractor, determination of zoning status and nature of land, contracts with supplier companies, construction and subcontractor employees, condominium and altitude right, pre-purchase right and contract, apartment management plan and disputes, title deed records commentary or removal operations for our clients in Adana we provide legal services.

As can be understood, many branches of law within the body Real Estate Law It is a field of expertise in which various contracts are mixed together. For example, after a floor easement agreement, preparing a construction agreement with the same client with the construction company, the agreement with the project consultant of the same construction and the management plan after the completion of the same building is simply a process that a qualified real estate lawyer can overcome. In all of these processes, provisions regarding real estate law apply.

How Long Does Real Estate Lawsuits Result In Adana?

Firstly, the lawsuits on real estate and title deeds are held in the Cadastral Court. Therefore, the duration of a title deed case under Adana conditions can be determined according to the intensity of the cadastral court concerned. In practice, although the lawsuits of our Law Office vary according to the type of case, the average 8 period lasts for months.

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