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Business law; It is a branch of law that examines the rights, wages, working conditions and conditions of workers, their relations with the trade unions they are affiliated with and all legislation related to this field and protects the fundamental rights of workers. It is the duty of the lawyers to protect the rights of the victim workers who say orum I am looking for a labor court lawyer in Adana ”.

In Adana, the number of cases between employers and workers has increased especially in recent years. Labor law at this point collective agreement, right to strike ve freedom of association as well as many aspects of protecting the worker. To understand the rights of the workerIn order to maintain a powerful and effective, it is necessary to master all these areas.

Lawsuits filed in labor courts are usually handled by specialized labor law attorneys. In this process, the lawyer fights to eliminate the victimization of the worker by protecting all basic rights and receivables of the worker. Although it is allowed in our legal system to allow the lawyer to enter the lawsuits without being specialized in a certain class, it is best to start with a lawyer who has determined the field of labor law in terms of the fate of the case.

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# What are the Characteristics of the Best and Best Labor Law Attorney in Adana?

"Expert Labor Law Attorney”And“Best Business Law AttorneyParalel has parallel meanings. In order to become an expert, a lawyer who works for many hours will be able to define himself as a işçi specialist labor lawyer sonr.

The Labor Law is frequently updated and subject to amendments. Therefore, an expert lawyer should keep himself updated in this field day by day and constantly read and follow the innovations. As a result, a lawyer who works methodically in this way matures himself in both practical and theoretical terms. As in all other branches of law, a lawyer specialized in labor law should closely follow the Supreme Court decisions and various high-level court decisions.

We have been working in the field of labor law in Adana for many years. İncekaş Law Office He is one of the best labor court lawyers in Adana with his wide range of lawyers. In Adana, the clients who are looking for a labor court lawyer often complain about “work accident","labor receivable","severance pay”Subject matters. In addition, the attorney's office has extensive experience in contractual service contracts, drafting of contracts, unfair dismissals, termination of employment contracts and all disputes between the employer and the employer.

# Why Is Existence of Labor Law and Labor Courts Important?

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First of all, if we make a short definition of labor law; labor law is a branch of law that examines and regulates all relationships between workers and employers.

As can be seen in the definition of labor law “all relations between employer and employeeGeniş a large area was mentioned. The relationship between the employee and the employer is inherently dynamic and tense. It is the duty of labor law and labor rights lawyer to resolve all disputes that may occur at this point. Lawyers specializing in labor law in Adana however, it is important that you choose the most dynamic and institutional attorney in this process for the quick and effective conclusion of the judicial process.

Labor law and therefore labor courts mainly deal with the 3 element. These are: 1) Worker 2) Employer 3) These are the relations of the two with the state and the law. The source of Labor Law Business rules it was written and enacted within the framework of constitutional principles determined by the state. In this respect, it can be easily said that Labor Law and Labor Law Lawyers are located in the field of mixed law. On the one hand administrative law and on the other hand private law laid the foundations of this system.

# Labor Law and Advocacy for Workers' Rights in Adana

To be a labor lawyer in Adana ve to be able to manage the labor court process well To know the good that the worker has, and to handle it. Of course it is not enough to know the rights of workers; it is important to quickly accrue these rights in practice. It is important that the communication between the worker and the lawyer is strong and that the lawyer enlightens the worker adequately and in all matters.

# Basic Laws Applied by Labor Courts

Labor Law No. 4857 the most basic law. All employee and employer disputes are resolved within the framework of this law. The relevant law is based on the Constitution and the principles of the state. In general, there are 50 laws, 15 regulations and 6 regulations to which a business lawyer will apply.

In practice, “special laws” may be used in some cases because of the various lines of work in which workers work. These laws are as follows;

Specialized Labor Law Attorney's Office in Adana:

  • Opening and finalizing the cases of employee claims, notice, seniority, overtime and reinstatement,
  • Proof and conclusion of cases such as bad compensation, mobbing,
  • Calculation and utilization of overtime, annual leave, holiday and holiday receivables,
  • Correction of issues that contradict Labor Law and preparation of a warning,
  • Legal counseling process on employee and employer rights (Preventive Law),
  • Preparation of labor service agreements, collective bargaining agreements, finalization of the process with expert legal advice,
  • Defective and flawless responsibilities of the employer in the law,

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