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Adana Labor Court Advocate

by | Kas 30, 2018 | Adana Advocacy Service | 4 Yorumlar

Labor Law and Labor Court Advocate in Adana

Business law; it is a branch of law that examines the rights, wages, workers' working conditions and conditions of workers, relations with the unions to which they are affiliated, and all legislation related to this field and protects the employee's personal rights on the basis of them. It is the duty of lawyers to protect the rights of victim workers who say “I am looking for a labor court lawyer in Adana ir.

In Adana, the number of cases between employers and workers has increased especially in recent years. Labor law at this point collective agreement, right to strike ve freedom of association There are many things that protect workers. To understand the rights of the workerTo be able to maintain a strong and effective way, you must master all these areas.

The lawsuits filed in labor courts are usually managed by expert labor law attorneys. In this process, the lawyer fights to eliminate the victimization of the worker by protecting all the basic rights and receivables of the worker. Although in our legal system, the lawyer is allowed to enter cases without being a specialist in a particular class, but in terms of the outcome of the case, he has determined his area of ​​expertise in business law. It is best to set out with a lawyer.

adana labor law attorney

# What are the Characteristics of the Expert and the Best Labor Law Attorney in Adana?

"Specialist Business Law Attorney"And"Best Labor Law AdvocateThe terms have parallel meanings. In order to specialize in a field of law, it is necessary to have a lot of reading and experience in that field. After this great effort, a lawyer will be able to define himself as “expert worker lawyer.

The Labor Law is updated frequently and is subject to changes. Therefore, a specialist lawyer should keep himself up to date in this field and read and follow the innovations constantly. As a result, a methodically working method the lawyer matures himself both in practical and theoretical terms. A lawyer who is an expert in business law, as in every branch of law, must closely follow the Supreme Court decisions and various high-level court decisions.

Operating in the field of labor law in Adana Lawyer Saim İNCEKAŞ worker has experience in employer disputes and resolution. The issues that clients who are looking for an employment court lawyer in Adana generally complain about are “work accident","worker","severance payOlmak cases are the subject. In addition, the aforementioned law firm has a great experience on contractual service contracts, preparation of contracts, unjustified dismissals, termination of employment contract and all disputes between the worker and employer.

Why is it important for the existence of labor law and labor courts?


First of all we give a brief description of labor law; labor law is a branch of law that examines and regulates all relations between the worker and the employer.

As can be seen in the definition of labor law ceall relations between worker and employerDeğ a large area has been mentioned. The relationship between the worker and the employer is inherently dynamic and tense. At this point, it is the duty of the labor law and the labor lawyer to solve all disputes that will occur. Lawyers specializing in labor law in Adana In this process, choosing the most dynamic and institutional lawyer is important for the quick and effective judicial process.

Labor law and, therefore, labor courts mainly deal with the 3 element. These elements are: 1) Worker 2) Employer 3) This is the relationship between the state and the law. The source of Labor Law Business rules it was written and enacted within the framework of the constitutional principles determined by the state. In this respect, it can easily be said that Labor Law and Labor Law Solicitors are in the area of ​​a mixed law. On the one hand, administrative law, on the other hand private law laid the foundations of this system.

Labor Law and Workers Rights Attorney

Being a worker lawyer ve to manage the work court process well In order to know the rights of the worker, it is necessary to know. Of course, it is not enough just to know workers' rights; it is important to accrue these rights in practice quicklysupply. It is an important matter that the communication between the worker and the lawyer is strong and accordingly the lawyer enlightens the worker in sufficient and all aspects.

Labor Law No. 4857 the most basic law. All worker and employer disputes are resolved under this law. The relevant law is based on the Constitution, state principles. In general, a job lawyer will apply 50 There are 15 laws, 6 regulations and XNUMX regulations.

In practice, in some cases ları special laws ğı can be based on the various lines of work in which workers are employed. These laws are as follows;

The main duties of the lawyer are as follows;

  • Correction of issues involving opposition to the Labor Law and preparation of a warning,
  • Legal counseling process on employee and employer rights (Preventive Law),
  • Worker service contracts, preparation of collective bargaining agreements, finalizing the process with expert legal consultancy,
  • Defective and flawed responsibilities of the employer in the law,

For detailed information about your Labor Law dispute, please contact our office. Contact You can reach us by clicking on the contact button at the bottom right of the page.

Lawyer Saim İNCEKAŞ - Adana Law Office and Law Office

Lawyer Saim İncekaş

Lawyer Saim İncekaş

Adana İncekaş Law Office

Lawyer Saim İncekaş. He resides in Adana. He continues his studies at İncekaş Law and Consultancy Office as a founder. Criminal Law, Civil-Divorce-Family Law, IT Law attorneys are the main working branches.

4 Yorumlar

  1. Anonymous

    Mr. Saim, while I was studying Associate Degree at Vakıf University, I did my compulsory summer internship in 2018 at the University Hospital, and it appears in the SSI service cast. I was not paid any internship fees, and when I talked to the school, I do not have to pay internship fees. My friends who worked in different hospitals and laboratories received internship fees. Is there a case of not paying internship fees? Should I submit my petition to the hospital or do I have to make a complaint to the SSI?

    • Hunting. View Saim's Full Profile

      First you must submit your petition to the hospital. After rejection or implicit rejection, I suggest you to open enforcement proceedings. You should follow the process with a lawyer.

  2. Filiz Akman

    Hello, I have been working as a support staff in a health institution for 2 years. My existing neck hernia exploded due to the heavy working conditions. I had to resign. I was operated on while my health condition worsened while I was working on my repulsion period, but my institution left me alone in this process. I had an operation in another institution. 50 hours of working time was increased to 62 hours by applying mobink. I am worn out financially and morally, I can sue about it

  3. Ali trk

    I did not go to work, I got up late at night because I was tired and I was tired. I called my colleague and told him I could not come today. But since I did not talk to the team leader, he did not forward them to the managers, he said things like no one did not come. Today, a report was made about me. The directors spoke as if you did not call us, I explained the situation, I said the news of the team press, but the minutes were kept. My 4th Year at the Company.


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