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Adana Criminal Lawyers

Criminal always the best attorney Sought. bread even mankind, who is case type ceza In the case of the best lawyer like to work. Therefore üzerindeadana criminal lawyer","best adana criminal lawyer","adana heavy criminal lawyer”.

The best criminal lawyer in Adana; refers to a competent and experienced lawyer, particularly in the areas of heavy criminal cases and prosecution investigations. Having expertise on a branch of law requires a long and painstaking process. All reflections of the client's action should be envisaged considering multi-faceted analytics and legislation. Adana criminal lawyer and heavy criminal lawyer you will need to find communication lawyers who meet these criteria.

The criminal case is a painful process, especially for the ”defendant”. You must manage this process with a criminal lawyer who has vast experience and knowledge.

Duties of Criminal Lawyer

In your criminal case in the Adana Courthouse the lawyer who will represent you must act in accordance with the resolutions of the Supreme Court and the letter of the law. Even a small detail to be overlooked leads to great losses of rights. The conclusion of the criminal case against it may result in penalties that are impossible to recover and which bind freedom.

In Adana advocacy in the area unfortunately, there is no specialization. For this reason, every lawyer who works as a lawyer can take cases from all fields. There is no practice that prevents or regulates this.

On your case concentrating lawyer for you best adana criminal lawyer It will be. Case Experience is essential to the successful conclusion of the process and to reach the result. focus on your case and all necessary processes and operations.

Adana Best Criminal and Heavy Penal Advocate

Unfortunately, crime rates are high in Adana. If you are the person who has been harmed as a result of a crime, if there is a crime that is being committed or continues to be committed, this will be done through your criminal lawyer. complaint to the prosecution and ask for an inquiry to be initiated.

If you are looking for the best criminal attorney, please do a preliminary research. The person you are looking for is the best lawyer in your field, or the lawyer who hired you? After these investigations you will get the best service for you without hesitation with the lawyer you think contract You can do.

New Turkish Criminal Justice the system it is essential that the person be represented by a lawyer in criminal cases. Decisions of Criminal Courts "exact proof”. Therefore, an additional compensation case is usually filed after a criminal case with positive results.

Adana Criminal Attorney Saim Incekas criminal investigation, inquiry, prosecution and litigation stages in order to provide the best and most trouble-free service.

Magistrates' penalties, first-instance penalties and heavy penalties Our experts follow the process from questioning and detention to detention. Necessary elements for the occurrence of a crime All the details are handled by us. The best lawyer is the lawyer who understands the issue and produces the best solution for you. Therefore judicial control It is of great importance that you set out with the lawyer you think will best defend you even during the stage.

Adana Criminal Lawyer FeesBest Criminal Lawyer in Adana

The labor and care required by each criminal file is different. Adana criminal lawyer fees In our article, the types of wages according to the type of criminal cases are explained. Avukat according to the labor will be charged to the file. On average, criminal lawyers are the most legally low criminal law fees are as follows:

  • Prosecutor's Office Investigation 800 TL,
  • Criminal Punishment 850 TL,
  • Heavy Penalties, 5.400 TL,
  • Child Heavy Penalization 5.400 TL.

There is a list of advocacy fees published by the Adana Bar Association in order to give the citizens an idea about the fees requested by the criminal lawyers in Adana. The fees listed here reflect an average amount, and the lawyers are not bound by the fees listed here.

Heavy Penal Advocate in Adana

Adana Heavy Penal Advocate, In Adana Assize Courts This is the name given to lawyers who are experts in the files and hearings. Specialist lawyer representing the suspect or participant in heavy criminal cases heavy criminal lawyer It is called. In the criminal court, the criminal offenses under the Turkish Penal Code which require more than 10 years of imprisonment are tried. In the Turkish Penal Code Some catalog crimes counted criminal Court Overlook. In cases of serious suspicion, arrest or judicial control requests are frequently included.

Major Types of Lawsuits We Offer in Adanaadana criminal lawyer

  1. What is the crime of slander and punishment?
  2. Embezzlement Crime and Punishment.
  3. The crime of sexual intercourse with a minor.
  4. What is sexual offense and punishment?
  5. What is Abandon Crime and Punishment?
  6. What is punishment and punishment?
  7. What is Torture and Punishment?
  8. What is Organ and Tissue Trade Crime and Punishment?
  9. Crime and Punishment of Injury by Taxpayer.
  10. Aggravated Injury Crime.
  11. Intentional injury
  12. What is the crime and punishment of killing with negligence?
  13. Suicide Proclamation Crime
  14. Deliberate Murder Crime and Punishment (2017)
  15. Crime of Endangering Traffic Safety
  16. Crimes Subject to Reconciliation
  17. Abuse of Religious Beliefs and Emotions
  18. Open an account with someone else's name on Facebook
  19. How to Remove Judicial Control Decision?
  20. Crime and Punishment of Endangering Traffic Safety

Adana Criminal Cases and AttorneysAdana Criminal Advocacy Service

10 Criminal Courts of First Instance bakan Is the court. 16 in Adana Criminal Court of First Instance There. It is possible to say that the criminal cases at first place have relatively less risk than the heavy criminal cases. The position of the criminal lawyer is very important in these cases. Since there is only one judge in the criminal courts of first instance, the lawyer has a great duty to clarify the case.

The field of duty of the criminal lawyer in Adana

Crimes and penalties are not only about two hundred and fifty crimes regulated by Turkish Penal Code. Apart from the Turkish Penal Code, there are hundreds of other laws that contain the norm of penalties. Therefore, the area of ​​duty of the criminal lawyer is quite wide. Banking Law, Military Criminal Code, Press Law, Traffic Law, Forest Law, Firearms Law on Knives and Blades examples.

You are looking for a criminal lawyer in Adana he must have mastery of all these laws, know the material and moral elements of the crime and make the claim or defense accordingly. These elements should form your criteria as the Adana Criminal Advocate. In Adana, a criminal lawyer should have mastery of özellik trial ”and“ execution özellik issues.

The criminal lawyer is also closely interested in whether the decisions of the judge or the panel of judges are objective. There should be no interest and kinship between the judge and the parties. The duties and responsibilities of judges must fully fulfill. This is controlled by a lawyer. If there is an obstacle for the judge to look at the case durumrequest of refusal of criminal judge”.

In Adana, incarceration cases are common. In such cases, the primary concern of the lawyer is to issue a release order for the kiş detention pending trial inin. The decision of the evacuation of the criminal court interim decision with. Interim decisions are usually decided by trial. In such cases, prepared by the criminal court court record All decisions are given in detail.

Adana Criminal Lawyers

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What is the average cost of criminal cases in Adana?

Greetings Feridun Bey, Criminal Attorney fees in Adana are determined according to “Adana Bar Association's Recommended Advocacy Fees Adana table. In this table, a lower limit is set in which the criminal lawyers can request it. The upper limit of the wage that the lawyer will demand is determined by his own service and labor.

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For example, if a father slaps his child in front of the camera and takes 3,4 to slap him, his punishment is imprisonment and how many years he has money

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