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Adana Criminal Lawyers

Criminal cases can affect a person’s career and future. Especially in Adana, the number of criminal cases is quite high. As a natural result of this situation, there are expert and competent criminal lawyers in Adana.

Adana Criminal Lawyers

When it comes to criminal lawyer, the best lawyer is always sought. People who are elaborate even when choosing their bread should be very careful when choosing a criminal lawyer. Because there is a possibility that the person will be subjected to severe sanctions as a result of criminal cases. Therefore on the internet “ adana criminal lawyer “,” best adana criminal lawyer “,” adana heavy criminal lawyer It is seen that kind of calls being searched on google.

The best criminal lawyer in Adana; Refers to a competent and experienced lawyer, especially in the fields of serious criminal cases and prosecution investigations. Having expertise in a branch of law requires a long and arduous process. All reflections of the client’s action should be anticipated by thinking in an analytical and legislative sense. Adana criminal lawyer and heavy criminal lawyer For your search, you need to find lawyers who meet these criteria and have strong communication.

The criminal case process is a painful process especially in terms of the “defendant”. You should manage this process with a criminal lawyer who has vast experience and knowledge.

What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do for You?

In your criminal case in Adana Courthouse The criminal lawyer who will represent you must act in accordance with both the established Supreme Court decisions and the letter of the law. Even a small detail that will be overlooked causes great loss of rights. The conclusion of the criminal case against the detriment may result in punishments that are impossible to compensate and binding on freedom.

In Adana advocacy in the field of unfortunately there is no specialization situation. For this reason, every lawyer colleague who is a lawyer can undertake cases from all areas. There is no application that prevents or regulates this in our country yet.

On your case concentrating and dealing lawyer for you best adana criminal lawyer will be.  As experience is extremely necessary for the successful conclusion of the litigation processes and reaching a result, what is also important from experience is that your lawyer is your focus on your case and performing all necessary processes and operations.

Adana Best Criminal and Heavy Penal Lawyer

Unfortunately, crime rates are high in Adana. If you are the person who has been harmed as a result of any crime, if there is a crime that is being committed or is still being committed, you can discuss this through your criminal lawyer. complaint to the prosecutor you can ask for an investigation to be initiated against him

If you are looking for the best criminal lawyer in these matters, make sure to do a preliminary research. Is the person you are looking for the best lawyer in your field or the lawyer who hired you? After these investigations, agreement with the lawyer who you think will get the best service for you without hesitation.  You can do.

New Turkish Criminal Justice in the system It has become essential for a person to be represented by a lawyer in criminal cases. . Decisions of the Criminal Courts it is “definitive evidence”. For this reason, an additional action for compensation is usually filed after a positive criminal case.

Adana Criminal Lawyer Saim İncekaş serves to provide the best and smoothest service during criminal investigation, investigation, prosecution and litigation stages.

Peace penalty, first instance punishment and severe punishment Our expert staff follows the process from the interrogation and detention stage to the detention stage. Elements necessary for a crime to occur All details are handled by us.  The best lawyer is the one who understands the subject best and produces the best solution for you. For this reason, it is of great importance that you start off with the lawyer you think will defend you best even during the judicial control phase.

Adana Criminal Lawyer FeesAdana Best Criminal Lawyer

The effort and care required for each penalty file is different. Adana criminal lawyer fees In our article named, wage types are explained according to the type of criminal case. The lawyer will charge according to the effort to be given to the file. On average, the lowest criminal lawyer fees that criminal lawyers can legally charge are as follows:

  • Prosecution Investigation 800 TL,
  • Peace Penalty 850 TL,
  • Heavy Penalty, 5.400 TL,
  • Child Heavy Penalty 5.400 TL.

There is a list of attorney fees, which is a recommendation, published by the Adana Bar Association in order to have an idea of the fees demanded by criminal lawyers in Adana. The fees listed here reflect an average amount and lawyers are not bound by the fees listed here.

Heavy Penal Lawyer in Adana

Adana Heavy criminal lawyer , In Adana Heavy Penal Courts It is the name given to lawyers who are experts in the files and hearings. Specialist lawyer representing the suspect or participant in severe criminal cases heavy criminal lawyer It is called. In the high criminal court, the trial of serious crimes, which are numbered in our Turkish Criminal Code and that require more than 10 years of imprisonment, are tried. In the Turkish Penal Code The high criminal court deals with some of the catalog crimes. Requests for arrest or judicial control are frequently included in these cases where there is serious suspicion.

The Main Types of Lawsuits We Provide Criminal and Heavy Penal Advocacy Services in Adana:adana criminal lawyer
  1. What is the Crime and Punishment of Defamation?
  2. Embezzlement and Punishment.
  3. Sexual Intercourse Crime with a Minor.
  4. What is Sexual Assault Crime and Punishment?
  5. What is Abandonment Crime and Punishment?
  6. What is the Crime and Punishment of Torment?
  7.  What is Torture and Punishment?
  8. What is Organ and Tissue Trade Crime and Punishment?
  9. Crime and Punishment of Injury by Negligence.
  10. Aggravated Injury Crime.
  11. Deliberate Injury Crime
  12. What is the crime and penalty of killing by negligence?
  13. The crime of inciting suicide
  14. Deliberate Murder Crime and Punishment (2017)
  15. The Crime of Endangering Traffic Safety
  16. Settled Offenses
  17. Abuse of Religious Beliefs and Emotions
  18. Opening a Facebook Account Under Someone Else’s Name
  19. How to Remove a Judicial Control Decision?
  20. The Crime and Punishment of Endangering Traffic Safety
Adana Criminal Cases and AdvocacyAdana Criminal Advocacy Service Criminal Courts of First Instance are courts that deal with crimes that require a prison sentence of 10 years or less. There are 16 Criminal Courts of First Instance in Adana. It is possible to say that first instance criminal cases carry relatively less risk than heavy criminal cases. The place of the criminal lawyer is very important in these cases. Since there is only one judge in the criminal courts of first instance, the lawyer has a great responsibility in enlightening the case. Duty Area of Criminal Lawyer in Adana

Crimes and punishments are not just about two hundred and fifty crimes regulated in our Turkish Criminal Code. Apart from the Turkish Penal Code, there are hundreds of other laws that contain penalty norms. Therefore, the field of duty of the criminal lawyer is quite wide. Banking Law, Military Criminal Law, Press Law, Traffic Law, Forestry Law, Law on Firearms and Knives Examples of these can be given.

The criminal lawyer you are looking for in Adana He must have a good command of all these laws, must know the material and moral elements of the crime well and he must make the claim or defense accordingly. As Adana Criminal Lawyer, these elements should form your criteria. A criminal lawyer in Adana should have a good command of “trial” and “execution” issues.

At the same time, the criminal lawyer is interested in whether the decisions of the judge or the judge’s panel are objective. There should be no relationship of interest or kinship between the judge and the parties. Judges’ duties and responsibilities must fulfill exactly. This issue is controlled by the lawyer. If there is an obstacle for the judge to look at the case, this is the case “ request for rejection of the criminal judge Notified to the court with “. 

Cases of pre-trial detention are common in Adana. In such cases, the primary concern of the lawyer is to issue a release order for the person to be “tried without arrest”. The verdict of release will be given by the criminal court. temporary decision takes place with. Interim decisions are usually made by trial. In such cases, prepared by the criminal court in the court proceedings All decisions made are detailed.

Adana Criminal Lawyers

Other Advocacy Services Offered for Adana:

In Rude “Why Do You Have To Hire A Criminal Lawyer?”

People may seek someone else’s help while defending themselves for various reasons. Defense and defense, one of them, has a complex structure. There are many concepts in it. Understanding the event, translating it into the legal language, finding the appropriate rule from the current legal rules, writing, verbalizing, making requests, making the necessary objections is the simplest form of what needs to be done in this context.

It is difficult for a citizen to do these without a lawyer in criminal cases, no matter how skilled and experienced the citizen is. Loss of individual rights becomes inevitable within this complex and technical structure. For this reason, a lawyer, whose citizen is considered an expert in criminal cases, needs defense

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