Divorce process is a painful process for the parties. Therefore divorce always in the process best divorce lawyer Sought. This process has a vast experience and knowledge attorney manage with advice It is.

Spouses, children and divorce society It has important effects. Divorce is a weary process for the parties. In this process, everyone wants to work with the most experienced divorce lawyer. Divorce attorney fixing while people attorneys' fees They are also curious.

In Adana Let us tell you how to determine the most appropriate divorce lawyer. Your Divorce Lawyer; It looks at divorce cases, which have important implications for both spouses and children, and society. In the divorce cases, the people established with great happiness and structure There is a disintegration of the family of stones.

It is evident that marriage is a union of love and that the family is longing for a warm and protective home. But the effort to continue a marriage that has been shaken by its foundation is just as corrosive. Ending in cases on divorce just it is not a marriage; sharing of assets, weeping, alimony, custody Such issues will come to the agenda.

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Duties of Divorce Attorney

Divorce suit while the spouses' love and respect towards each other has decreased, sometimes these feelings have ceased to be replaced. hate I can say that he left his feelings, especially that the children wore too much. At this stage divorce suit a for opening attorney meeting with benefit vardır.

If there are certain reasons foreseen in the law, divorce cases create innovation based on the purpose of ensuring that marriage is a legal situation, that is, the termination of the marriage union, and that it is organized together in the side measures related to this result. constructional bir case It is kind.

The main duties of a divorce lawyer in Adana are as follows;

  1. Material and moral compensation,
  2. The Regeneration of Spouses,
  3. Measure Alimony,
  4. Assignment of common housing to spouse,
  5. Contribution margin,
  6. Child Custody,
  7. Failure to restore common life,
  8. Realization of forgiveness,
  9. Implementation of measures on the property of the spouse,
  10. Liquidation of the goods regime,
  11. The process of divorce of foreign nationals,

Adana Aile “Divorce” cases are among the most common lawsuits in the Courts. In this process settled Supreme Court decisions ve the law contradictory big hak losses you can experience, extreme care must be taken in this regard.

Best Adana Divorce Lawyers

Adana Divorce Advocate Fees

2019 divorce lawyer for the year of contentious divorce in their cases minimum fee 4.000 TL'Dr. Contracted divorce in case attorney's fee ise 2.500 TL'Dr. Adana divorce lawyer fees according to the type of case in detail here You can review by clicking.

Economic citizens without powerlegal aid”Can apply. Legal aid the people economics It is the name given to the process of requesting a free lawyer from the Adana Bar Association, proving that they are weak in terms of perspective. Citizens judicial documents required for application there's Can learn.

Adana Divorce Attorney Consultation

Adana Divorce Lawyers Adana Bar Association registered has to be. First attention point This is.

Divorce cases süreç It is a wearing process. An experienced divorce lawyer; He is a lawyer who knows the evidence he can offer in a divorce case and gets a quick result with these evidences. As it turns out, when looking for a divorce lawyer, uzman Working with a lawyer will save you from damages that are difficult to prevent. Divorce lawyer in the process of litigation effective style must use.

The best divorce lawyer on your case labor spender It is a lawyer. Case In order for the processes to be successful and to reach the result, the experience is extremely necessary, and the important thing about the experience is that your lawyer focuses on your case and performs all the necessary processes and procedures.

your lawyer Adana Bar Association registered and come on must be working with the number. Therefore you can adjust the density according to you enough zaman to cut It is recommended to manage the process of divorce with a lawyer.

What are the reasons for divorce?

Adana divorce lawyer based on the following reasons for divorce Family CourtWe filed for divorce.

  1. Zina
  2. To Life
  3. Crime Processing
  4. Abandonment
  5. Mental Illness
  6. Shaking from the Foundation of the Marriage Association

Expert Lawyers in Divorce Cases in Adana

Specializing in divorce cases is a difficult task. So much so that divorce cases require both a psychological and legal approach. As a result of your search for a specialist divorce lawyer in Adana, the experience and communication of the lawyer with you eye you should keep it in front of you. You should pay more attention to these criteria than the lawyer who says I am an expert divorce lawyer.

If you are looking for a consensual divorce lawyer, you can keep your criteria more flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions for Divorce Lawyer

Divorce suit How to Open?

Your lawyer will prepare for filing a divorce case petition for divorce and Adana family court (the additional building in the Reşatbey District). In this way, your lawyer divorce case is opened.

6 in Adana piece aile There is a court. Divorce filed to one of these 6 courts timing It is.
Victim spouse allocation of common housing to itself should demand. If it can provide sufficient justification in Adana partner during the house divorce allocation It is.

Does it matter which side filed for divorce?

No, it doesn't matter who opened the case. Who filed the lawsuit does not have any positive or negative effect on the lawsuit process. The important thing here is the reasons for divorce. assertion of the issues It is proof. The victim who filed for divorce may request for temporary housing and subsistence by requesting protection from the same court. This is a necessary precaution by the lawyer in order to prevent the victim's wife from being further victimized during the trial.

How long does it take for divorce cases in Adana?

How long the divorce proceeds detection of evidence It varies according to the process.
Generally, "negotiated divorce" cases end at the first hearing. Controversial divorce cases end in a longer period of time depending on the number of witnesses to be heard and whether the file is followed well.

How Much In A Divorce Case Nafaka Receivable?

First of all, it should be noted that child support will fall into poverty, regardless of whether it is male or female. side is entitled. The seriously flawed spouse can never get alimony. Minimum wage The amount of alimony that the man will give to the woman in a family living with is 300 TL.

What happens if the spouse dies in the divorce case?

During the divorce death of one of the spouses In case of death, the heirs of the deceased spouse can continue the case. Because the important issue here is “sights”Sharing will be in question. If no divorce decision is made as a result of the case, the surviving spouse get it heir It is practically not seen that this situation has been confirmed by other legal heirs. In this case, the legal heirs will be able to follow the case of the deceased spouse and have the right to prove the defect of the other party. owner It will be.

What are the terms of contractual divorce?

For parties who want a divorce by agreement legally speaking The conditions to be met are as follows:
Marriage 1 must have completed the year. Contractual divorce is not possible through the divorce lawyer.
One of the spouses through Adana Divorce Lawyer davacı and the other defendant The process is accelerated by showing as.
Hearing It is mandatory that both parties are present in court on the day. Otherwise, negotiated divorce is not possible.
Clearance of all goods, custody, material-compensation on such matters be understood.

What evidence can a divorce lawyer use?

In the case of divorce, the law is considered a contrary evidence? is also one of the most frequently asked questions as a divorce lawyer. By reading the related article about this topic idea you can own.
Can a diary, memorabilia or notepad from one of the spouses be used as evidence?
Can social media shares of spouses be used as evidence in a divorce case?
Can phone call audio records be used as evidence in a divorce case?
Can the voice recording taken in the home environment be used as evidence in the divorce case?

What are the phone numbers of Adana Family Courts?

There are 6 (six) Family Court Judges in Adana. The telephone numbers of these family courts are as follows:
Adana 1. Family Mah. ,
Adana 2. Family Mah.,
Adana 3. Family Mah. ,
Adana 4. Family Mah.,
Adana 5. Family Mah.,
Adana 6. Family Mah.

Where is Adana Divorce Court?

Adana divorce court open address: Reşatbey Mahallesi, Beş Ocak Cd. No: 54, 01120 Seyhan / Adana. The courthouse's telephone number is: (0322) 352 58 20

How To Share Cost Between Spouses?

Spouses on movable or immovable property acquired during marriage beneficiary can. However, there are some conditions for such a claim. Let us summarize these conditions in one sentence: After 2002, the other spouse is entitled to half the movable or immovable properties purchased after marriage. Sometimes the process of sharing goods between spouses can be detailed. At this point, the divorce attorney's definition of personal and acquired property hakim must be.
Spouses to each other in marriage the safety or the items they lend can be recovered. In such a case, the Code of Obligations enters into action and a case is brought before the general competent courts.


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I have detailed questions and what are the appropriate hours for the appointment?

Contact Tuncay directly

In mid-September, I had a small disagreement with my wife and my wife filed for a divorce. There was a court hearing after the 2 day, and when we went to the court, we told the court that we had abandoned the contracted divorce case. And the pen of the court said, "Go now and wait for us to make a notification." After a certain period of time, we saw that the PTT courier left a label for our notice. Your notice on the label was left to the muhtar and it was written there, but we gave up the divorce and did not take delivery. After a short time, we saw a second ptt courier note at our door and wrote that he was left in the muhtar. We have not received the second notification until today. Now the point we are wondering is; I wonder if I and my wife received a notice that we do not receive a notice, and what kind of problems can be? Thank you for your help.

Greetings Tuncay Bey,

No, it doesn't give you any trouble not to take notice. While you are already opening the contract for divorce, you are pre-depositing the expenses of these notifications under the name of ”expense advance at on the court counter. Therefore, this situation does not cause a situation for you because the expenses of the notifications already belong to you. Also do not worry about not receiving any criminal proceedings because of not receiving the notification.

Hello good day.
I would be happy to answer my question.
The wife of a acquaintance has passed away, her husband passed away, a pensioner, and they live together with the person I know and do I get a result if I complain that there is a crime occurrence?

Greetings Selim Bey, proving that he did not marry intentionally to avoid the death wage, it is difficult in terms of proof in practice. The answer to your question is yes; this is a criminal offense.

Contact Ertürk directly

Hi avuaktım do I have the right to claim a decision of compensation not resulted in our divorce case

If you do not claim compensation in the current divorce case, you can open an additional case and claim your rights based on the termination of your marriage and compensation.

Contact Mehtap directly

Auspicious mornings.hayırlı your work olsun.eşim 10 year alimony is paying alimony to my old wife who opened the case for us to increase alimony retired and employee. We are tenants of my wife's ex-wife's apartment has left the apartment empty and live in the rent with his own adult children. then not? Thank you

Hello I'm 7 child married 2 years 1 was imprisoned for years but I was punished 12 year 6 month I wanted to divorce case acsam how much will I give you immediately divorce

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What is your demand for a divorce lawyer in Adana?

Gül Hanım differs according to the tangible event. We discussed the average fees in our article. Read.

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I think the best choice among the divorce lawyers in Adana is.

Thanks, every lawyer is good by the character of the profession.

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They've concluded my divorce. Thanks.

Erdem Bey, we are pleased with your satisfaction.

How long does a divorce case open on the island?

The negotiated divorce average 1 week, the contentious divorce lasts an average of 1 years.

I wonder if I have to join my wife with me at the hearing? divorce cases

The hearings of the divorce cases in Adana are in ReşatBey Ek Adıniye Bina. The parties do not need to attend the hearing in a contentious divorce.

A man who threw his wife out at home on the 10 of the marriage and a woman who had to leave the house. In the series sets fguranlık (in spite of his wife does not want to) to travel with ladies and men like to have fun in the place to have a drink in the domestic holiday alone without the information to go abroad to vacation holidays from the account of inappropriate accounts and photos from the account of the dismissal of the benefit of the woman in the benefit of the benefit

In order to comment on your situation, I need to have a few more information. Please contact us to get more detailed information. The worst thing in law is misleading.

I live in Adana seyhanda. I want to get an appointment. I would like to get a divorce and I need counseling.

Ela Hanım, we have appointment and address information in the communication part. Yours truly.

What do I do if I want a divorce?

The whole process is available in detail in our article. For those of you who are concerned, please contact us.

Slm good days I divorced my wife from the children's weekend C. Tesi hours 14: 00 also take 21: 00 market hours I have to leave. I work every weekend at my institution. I asked for help at the weekend, but the Workplace told me that there was no legal regulation on this issue and could not help. Is there a legal regulation on this issue? Thank you.

You cannot request a concession from this office. However, you can apply to the family court to request a reorganization of your personal meeting hours.

4 I'm married year old 2 I have one son 3 one of my two-month-old wife is meeting with someone outside my country and asked me to marry him with me will go to the wedding bosamiyormus real bosuyor on my paper I will bosuyam come to me again and I will not accept marriage he kicked me out of the house he threatened to take my children away from me and he filed a contentious case what can i do

Hello dear personel.
my wife with 28 / 02 / 2017 (we were married) wedding was in August. I bought the house still on loan 10 days before the date of this marriage
my car looks as 28 / 02 / 2017
now I want to divorce my wife with the consent of two sides because of disagreement. But the other party said that he wanted to make some demands from me, his mind is constantly changing and I am very bored in this case I have now blocked all social accounts.
We had a child 5 monthly custody of his mother is the right thing to stay anyway.
but the question that comes to my mind is like this
my wife who can claim the assets of my assets and child support for the child's mother will remain in wonder how much alimony do I have to pay?

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