Hunting. Contact Saim directlyHe has been in Stockholm in the US-Washington, 2011 summer program in 2013, with various exchange programs. Successfully completing the education in 2014 Lawyer Saim İncekaşreturned to his hometown of Adana. ADANA BARcontinues to work as a lawyer. His military service as an officer in Gaziantep / Nizip PRIME as the head of the branch. 2016 in order to provide purposeful and corporate service Attorney at Law Saim İncekaş Law Office He has established.

Law and law He is interested in software technologies as a hobby outside his life. He has been interested in software languages ​​such as Webdesign (Css, Jquery), Wordpress, Joomla, Presta Shop (E-Commerce), SQL Server and Phython since high school. He has prepared websites for various companies and established sql server infrastructures.

Hunting. View Saim's Full Profile Especially in Adana Divorce, Criminal, Enforcement, Land Registry and IT cases attorney Office in Adana / Seyhan, Ziya Algan in Business Center is located.


Mission vision

  • Acting on the basis that law is an indispensable component for the society, we provide objective-oriented services for our clients with respect to the profession, attorneyship and consultancy services we provide, and meticulousness.
  • Human beings can access all kinds of information and services through internet network in these days when quantity is in search of quality. Our mission; to provide qualified service, our vision; to work for the continuity of law and order and to resist where necessary.
  • We offer innovative and radical solutions in line with the sectoral or special requests of our clients. We do all the research necessary for the broad framework drawn by the Doctrine and Supreme Court decisions, and reflect the set goals into practice and practice. This effort is aimed at customer satisfaction and permanence.


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Adana Bar Association Information: Registry No: 4293

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