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Att. Saim Incekas2011, with various exchange programs, was found in Stockholm in the US-Washington, the summer of 2013 summer program. In 2014 he successfully completed his education Lawyer Saim İncekaşHe returned to his hometown Adana. ADANA BARHe is registered as a lawyer. He served as an officer in Gaziantep / Nizip district as head of ASAL branch. In 2016 with the aim of providing purposeful and institutional service Lawyer Saim Incekas Law Office He has established.

Law and law In addition to his life as a hobby, he is interested in software technologies. Webdesign (Css, Jquery), Wordpress, Joomla, Presta Shop (E-Commerce), SQL Server, Phython software languages ​​such as the high school age, has been preparing web sites for various companies in this area, has established sql server infrastructure.

Attorney Saim Incekas in Adana He is an expert lawyer on divorce, punishment, execution, deed and informatics cases. The Office is located in Ziyapaşa Günep Business Center in Adana / Seyhan. Address and other contact information.



Mission vision

  • Acting on the basis that law is an indispensable component for the society, we offer our goal-oriented service for our clients with our respect for the profession, our detailing and meticulousness in our agency and advisory services.
  • Mankind is able to reach all kinds of information and services via internet network in these days when quantity is searching for quality. Our mission; continuity of law and order, our vision; to provide qualified service.
  • We provide innovative and radical solutions in line with our clients' sectoral or specific requirements. Doing all the necessary research for the broad framework of Doctrine and Supreme Court decisions, we reflect the objectives and practices that are determined. This effort aims at client satisfaction and permanence.

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