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We are offering Aviation Online or Whatsapp Advisory Service!

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Counseling7 / 24 is our service. For online guests who want to ask questions to the lawyer online, there is a choice of 3. Get legal advice directly from the lawyer Law of Attorney fee is charged.

  1. Whatsapp Advocate Desk - CLICK (Under the Law of Attorney is paid)
  2. Counseling in the form of Questions and Answers CLICK
  3. Alo Lawyer Hotline - CLICK (Under the Law of Attorney is paid)
  4. Advice to a lawyer by writing a comment under the present article

Adana Lawyer Saim Incekas provides general legal consultancy services. We have specialized lawyers for each consultation. Counseling can be done face-to-face or online-virtual. legal proceedings they can only be sure of their right to open the case by consulting the lawyer.

Online Attorney at Law

Online advocacy or whatsapp lawyer can ask us questions by using the way to ask questions.

Consultation service via phone, internet or whatsapp we offer our clients who cannot come to our office for various reasons and want to receive consultancy remotely. If you want to contact the lawyer below form filling out the form, or if you want to send us an e-mail, or if you want to whasapp legal advice ve counsel consulting service.

It Is Forbidden For The Lawyer To Provide Free Consultation

I want to consult a lawyer free of charge, is it paid to consult a lawyer? In the case of a consultation in the lawyer's office, this is subject to a fee. This fee Ministry of Justice is a fixed amount announced annually. Many People consult with lawyers for free It wants. This can of course be understood for a person who is in difficulty as an economic situation. In our country, consultancy is paid in many professions except for all attorneys.

Online 7 / 24 Attorney Consultation

Advocacy Advisory - Online and Virtual Lawyer Advisory Service

Burned on the Internet a lawyer in emergency Looking for? You are in the right place for this. Lawyer in Adana View Saim's Full Profile it considers that justice should be delivered to all segments of society.

As a result of your calls like tele legal consultancy, it is perfectly normal for you to find yourself on our website. 7 / 24 lawyer consultation, ask questions to a lawyer Do you have such requests? Your access to a lawyer because you have lived in Turkey and abroad Do you need advice? We are at your service with our expert attorneys who have the mission to provide a corporate justice service for these demands.


If you would like to make an appointment for a day and time, you can also fill in the form below. So remote online consultation you will be taken the first step.

Advocacy Counseling If you choose to fill out the form, we will 7 / 24 Attorney Consultation we will call within our service.

Advisory to the Lawyer - Sending Documents to the Attorney

People who want to consult the lawyer online remotely want to submit some documents and information to us in general. At this point, it is important that you send us information and documents such as court decision, evidence, evidence, images and videos. Counseling service information and documents at hand You must contact us immediately. The profession of law is a profession that requires detailed examination and research. For this reason, it is important that information and documents are delivered to us within the framework of the consultancy service.

You can send us these information and documents in the following ways:

Advocacy Advisory

Advocacy Advisory

  1. Sending a Document with Whatsapp; Whatsapptan To Write CLICK
  2. Sending Documents via E-Mail; e-mail address: I

We are asked questions about the most penalties, heavy penalties and divorce cases. In these areas of law, which are part of our specialization areas, even the smallest details should be mastered. Adana expert divorce lawyers Saim Incekas provides consultancy services as a lawyer who has mastered the Civil Code. Again experienced and expert in the field adana criminal lawyer your questions about this branch are answered.

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