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The most punishment, heavy punishment and divorce questions are asked. It is necessary to master even the smallest details in the processes related to these branches of law within our fields of expertise. Adana expert divorce lawyers Saim İncekaş provides consultancy services as a lawyer who is competent in the Civil Code. Again experienced and expert in the field adana criminal lawyer answers your questions about this branch.

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If I apply for a report of many teachers, the results of the early exit or the output of the night, I wonder if you know.

Greetings, you go to the nearest military service for your bruise application. The military branch is sending you to the hospital. This process lasts about 1 weeks. At the end of the 1 week, you are in front of the hospital. The doctor's committee is giving you a decision whether or not you have caries. For more questions, please go to the question-answer section of this link. Avukata Questions & Answers TIKLA

Hello. We had our wedding in July. Immediately after the wedding the day of the wedding was taken from my photographer by taking pictures of my records usurped my family. I haven't seen you since the wedding night. The records are mine and they won't give it back. And I'm worried about what they do. What are my rights I want to start a legal process? No such thing should have happened to anyone that I could not access any data or emdale. Please help me.

Good Evening In 2017 I did the configuration with Garanti bank, but somehow the bank gave me the execution I have no delay, all the receipts I don't give the lawyer information because I'm a bank execution I'm amazed at what I'm going to do I don't know how much debt I have left. please help me

Hi Tuncay Bey, go to the relevant enforcement office to examine your file first. The source of the debt is perhaps based on another reason.

My teacher wanted to have a good night toy with a toy for me and I had no money to buy a toy and I stole it as a toy and then I stole it. I told you what I wanted to pay I did not return now how much punishment I got the camera record I got very regretted I have three children I do not have something

If you do not have a record of the conviction of the verdict of the decision to be left behind I think. However, managing a process with a lawyer is still good for you not to take risks.

Lawyer, have a good day…
My wife had a rental business.
He went to prison unjustly for a reason.
As such, the property owner put us in a difficult position to get back his property and business and came to foreclosure with enforcement officers. The business stopped. foreclosure decision from them. 300 thousand pieces, 4 vehicles, 200 thousand in the amount.

Contact Ayşe directly

Hello my wife was ripped off by someone took the credit card and shopping with her did not do and did not participate in the execution of kacta kacta kreta how many can cut ..

The 1 / 4 can be cut off.

Good night, the lawyer said if we don't mind, I have a question for you.

3-5 lasts for months if you need to turn on the enforcement proceedings. The company should not be bankrupt.

What is the penalty for verbal abuse

good day 2006 our father died in 2007-2008 years when my brother's work broke down our shares in the house of our father and our brother and mother 5 have transferred to our older sister with our consent. 2016 in the family to collect the right to talk to each individual said that we will give the house and mutehaite in exchange for the apartment was made in return 6 and 2 apartment again on the floor of our house to our sister was removed from the name of his brother to be the name of our little brother's wedding to be able to sit in one of the apartment when our sister said 2 sisters of our brothers we want our right to buy the apartment says we are entitled to in this way you can claim that apartments on my older sister that against it my sister through the apartment can get their rights from the apartments?

Shares were given to your sister by donation. They cannot make such a request.

Good night, lawyer, my wife and his family have problems with the night I see verbal violence I'm exposed to insults also my wife does not take any responsibility towards children often goes out of town to work even though it is not obliged to hide the income from me I have such a thing I'm filing for divorce how do you think the course of the case Would you please give information to whom and custody of my children is given thanks

Hello there. On the day of my wedding, I learned that the jewelry ceremony would not be done and that the jewelry would be directly in the hands of the mother-in-law. the jewelry was taken directly to a bag. The wedding looks on the widyom. I would like to get my jewelry, can you find a solution to me in this matter legally.

You have the right to sue the family court for the return of your jewelery. Work with a lawyer.

Hello, when I apply to the court, if they are asked in terms of the amount in grams, I have no evidence because the envelope and the boxes are picked up and placed in the bag.

Hi lawyer, our father died in 2008, between the brothers and sisters, the right to share the roof was not able to share our father alone was the problem of development of the house because of the contractor, now the whole building will receive the title deed by zoning, but the brothers do not want to give me my right to my father's house, house water bill but the title deed will be on one of them, my father bought the right while we bought the partner and they all know it, but they still want to leave me out, even though my father was right in the right, despite all this, how can I get my rights. thanks.

You need to open a case for prosecution in the magistrates' court and prove your share.

first of all, Hi my mother's friend had a friend wanted to get the phone but they wanted a guarantor in this woman wanted to show my mother as a guarantor on the condition that my mother would accept to pay, he said. but 1 a lawyer called my mother before the woman said he did not pay his debt and my mother should pay the phone (called the woman) but the woman did not open after a while we learned the phone number of her husband and her husband opened the husband and his wife, she searched the back of the bir R We were building words like c how much should you pay? Em I don't care if we say we're under this business. * 7.01.19 * will pay my mother's salary and cut this money from my mother. Mom is now preparing to sue. Kal IF THE REAL DEBT HAS NOT PAYED BORROW IN THE CORRUPTION OF THE DEBT, IF THE PERSON IN ANY COUNTRY WILL BE LOOKED TO LOSE THE PERFORMANCE, THE PERSON IN THIS SITUATION MAY SEE THE CANCELLATION OF THE FEE TO APPLY TO THE COURT. KA

Yes, by filing the case, you have to prove that the original debtor has the right to pay the money but does not pay.

Hi, I'm seen in the juvenile court as a victim of the criminal case file, 150 is the victim in the file, the nature of the crime by using the errors on the internet to provide unauthorized access to the information and credit card information, as explained. However, I do not understand how I have a connection with my subject, I look victim without any knowledge. there is no problem with my accounts. 4 was given on the day of the trial. Do I have to go there, do I have to go there, or can't I make transactions from my city? Can 4 be our wedding after months, so can you help, trying to figure out if I would experience any problems?

You don't have to attend the hearing. However, I suggest that you follow the proceedings through a lawyer.

I have a daughter of 2 years and decided to divorce. Is it possible her dad took my daughter? I don't have jeans. I'm afraid he might take a lawyer or something. I also can not afford a lawyer can not afford a lawyer unaccompanied (probably will be bosanmam) is very difficult? Thanks in advance

If you do not have financial means, you can apply for legal assistance by contacting Legal Aid.

Mr. Saim, I am 49, I have been working as a machinist for two and a half years. Esim 4 passed away for years. I have two kids. One of the male co-workers at work wanted to be friends, he was married. He said he wanted to talk. He insisted. We sat in a cafe, had coffee, and talked about his family's unhappiness. On another day, he invited him to breakfast in a crowded place and turned the breakfast into a picnic. I stayed at the promenade for two hours in a crowded place I was uneasy I returned home. Then he insisted he wanted to be a lover. Although we do not have any relationship with him outside the normal chat began to disturb us to say that we are lovers and spread gossip. The same person at work alone tried to kiss animda forced teacup firlattim. Is my friends based on gossip, accused me of adultery without evidence. The boss believed that he had untouched rumors that he had a coffee picnic with him twice and said he would take it out without compensation. I didn't know how to prove myself. I have messages and phone voice recordings. I never had an affair with him as claimed. I can't sleep. salary payment late yapiliyo, we are working on holidays, the same low salary for a year (asg.ucret) raise, they have been constantly uneasy pressure I was very restless. I need help. Thank you. Please reply

Good afternoon, Saim bey,
About a year ago, I rented a company from a company with a small damage occurred. We have secured the damages up to 600 TL at an additional cost to the rental contract. However, the contracted services 675 TL paid the damage repair invoice not reported. My objections have been left undisturbed and I was notified by the court of execution of 1 weeks ago that I was responsible for the debt folded due to this point. At what point should I follow? Do I have to pay immediately because I'm in the case of execution?
I believe the collateral number is exceeded in bad faith. Do I have a chance to get back my claim against you?

It is enough to appeal the debt. The counterclaim concept does not exist in the executive institution. Please appeal the debt within 2 week from the notification to you. I need to see the contract for more details.

Meraba lawyer bey I've been married at 40 yearbook want to divorce my husband but I have made 1 storey house on top of him stayed in the land of 3 amount from my mother-in-law now that he fall into the house right from the land

Hello. We bought the house from a new building in July and gave the land in return to the contractor. We moved in August, but the water from the house. With the rains, all the walls are swollen. The contractor constantly brings up a few apprentices who says he will take care of the same again and we would like to give the house back to get the land too. This is possible, can you help? The house hid a flooded house from us on the ground floor while the house was under construction.

Contact us with your contract.

Hello 2000 soldier in my hand g3 rifle exploded foot injured not suitable for military service was reported Mehmetcik foundation 3 paid salary and compensation Graduated pension pension 1053 6 with the degree XNUMX and refused to retire my report behind my report written to the military court to make him unfit for military service, but I sued I have a chance to sue a pensioner

My teacher I was working as a tea man in the coffeehouse two people were playing one of the players alcohol was on the table left money to get the cigarette at this time the police entered the gambling bills of money and gambling cards they took me to the gambling process they have written me as an operator have signed the report I signed the report I signed the sign I read the guilty I have signed the record I said I do not sign it if you do not sign here you can not get the police said I was scared and sued me as the owner of the business gambling place for the crime of the place I'm punished by the teacher I'm already in this situation

Yes, the situation is critical.

01.04.2003 as the age of my identity in the hospital in the hospital we know the date of birth 19.01.2002 as the hospital does not give us information from the archive to follow the path to be applied to the court to apply for which documents we need to apply to the court.

After the lawsuit has been filed, the court will investigate the hospital archive.

Hello there!
I phone with my cousin about 6 7 month
Clicks messaging texting pictures photos to one of us
I sent him in inappropriate photos and I wanted to have a voice recording that is already said that the girl 18 19 years old and all this was happening between us and my cousin's teacher was following those who told the sister-in-law aunt my sister-in-law was taken from the court of the first case of my life! reviews appear on the state of opening

Hello, now I have a case that resulted in the labor court and sent to the rebellious party. the second, despite the notification of my lawyer not let me know that this payment is now being taken out of my salary. Normally, the case is taken at the end of the case is not given to such executions, but in this case can be closed and closed the subject now I will pay more than normal lawyer's negligence on the charge of the Attorney's fee.

Canan Hanım from this platform is not correct to criticize a lawyer colleague, I suggest you solve your problem with the province bar.

Good day, the lawyer 9 20 XNUMX apartment in the apartment, the apartment as a member of our non-insured employed. If we open a case, will we win the case

Greetings Halil Bey, you need to open a case by requesting the determination of your terms of service.

Hi In 1980, I was given an adoption by mutual agreement in two families when I was 5. The court decides in favor of the adoption of the plaintiff's stepfather from the petition of my stepmother and his signed declaration, which was signed by my wife in step with my stepfather. My stepfather passed away at 2001 ssk was a retired stepmother and was attached to me salary. I lost my stepmother at 10.12.2018. My mother had her own pension from SSK. I applied to the SSK with a petition in order to be able to connect to his salary. However, I was told by my stepmother that I was on the phone yesterday, and I was told that I did not deserve my stepfather's salary since the 37, where 2001 had been my family name since the 2008. As far as I know, the conditions of adoption from the institution have changed in 37 3 years ago I do not know the conditions. XNUMX is the year I'm Emes patients can help me and help me with my respect.

Ms. Yasemin, we need some details about the process. Please contact us.

My ex-boyfriend borrowed a credit card and 1000 TL cash from a friend. Then he did not pay the debt begs burns 1500 paid tlsini my friend asked me to give you an account and I trust you, but I did not vouch for something like that my friend and my family talked about the relationship with my old lover, he spent slander my family threw half the money he said I have to pay half my family slander accepted and we made a payment of 1900 TL to us again to prevent you from disturbing me and said he came out of our lives 1000 months later, sending us a message saying that my money does not give the opposite party threatens me blackmailing me to tell everything to the opposite side to tell him to take money from the other side says mediation will not be any longer my peace I do not know what to do my private life disclosure in question does not help my ex-boyfriend would you help me what should I do

Slmlar I'm a very victimized custody of my children, but the children call me both verbal and physical violence, what they saw, I was breathing hungry.

Greetings Meliha Hanım, in such a case to change the custody of the family court to explain the situation in detail with a petition you have to open a case.

My fiancée 16 has completed the age of 24 wedding I do not want to live without wives wedding is not due to the age of my fiancée have the consent to live together in his family tck 104. Complaints with the crime case occurs in the article is not the girl itself, not a family of any crime if the crime announcement if I do not commit crime commits

Greetings, except for the family 3. persons have no right to complain.

I would like to ask a lawyer if possible if you can help me divorce case I have sold all my personal belongings of my personal home and did not pay me credit I did not want to divorce 2 I leave my family I do not want to divorce my reasons why I'm in the open reasons for divorce

My father-in-law signed the signature of my wife is seen as guarantor guarantor ... Signed 4 year will be .. my father-in-law has passed away .. my first question is the duration of water deed dye bisy. 2.sorum deed before the miraclarara mi kaliyo ara Yksa directly kefile mi kaliyo. In the case of this payee 8.binlik bond as 16 my father-in-law on the bill at the time of the bill no matter what we are all the figure does not show creditors do not show my last question. we will not trust the creditor in this case we should let him give us execution, then everything seems to move forward legally

In November we had an accident on the menemen road and the commercial vehicle belonging to the vehicle we owned (belonging to the leasing company) did not have a high amount of damage to the vehicle.
Insurance for everything such as insurance vs insurance was met and was serviced. 1 month after the rental company to give us a lawyer and the case under the name of the vehicle under the money to work 3 gun was not working for a figure like 1000 tl. We did not have him in bed, but there is a case in January 22 emergency and the damage of the vehicle damage is requested from us in the other side of the right is a right.

Greetings, the loss of the value of the vehicle may be requested from the side of the damage. The other party has this right.

HELLO I would like to consult you on a matter if you can help. I bought a car from WOWWO 15 thousand pounds down payment and deed 1 in exchange for the year I paid my bills but I could not pay the car, then the car was taken out and taken with me and the police to the car. Now I also owe to other banks that I want to ask, and they have foreclosed on the vehicle. Can this product called WoWWo sell this TOOL? also if I pay the debt of this vehicle gweri gweri out, the banks can make a decision to close?

Greetings, yes the related company may request the sale of this vehicle. If the other creditors have followed this process, they can ask for the sale again before the vehicle is delivered to you.

From my mother's pen;
We are 4 brothers, my father is 85 years old. My father gave the contractor of the apartments, now the construction is over, my sister said that he did not want to deserve, the 1 duplex apartment and 2 apartment has given. They wanted to pay the difference to get the apartment from the floor they wanted. For this reason, 1 have sold the apartment outside my knowledge, the duplex and other apartments in order to pay the difference in any way they do not communicate and they do not want to give me the right. For this reason, I have to open a case before they move to the apartment, how should I proceed.

Greetings, you have to file a lawsuit before the magistrates' court for a fair share of the estate.

Hello my father 1964 has registered in the tax office in the year 1984 was born ma bagkura unregistered malimusavir my deceased father is now 1684 day SSK and now I have the optional baBağ-K is now 1.5 year. All the documents about the workplace of my father is standing in the case I can bring them back to the baggura I'll win a return to the bag I do I have the 820 TL. Do you want to make my father retired by borrowing backward don't do what I need to do.

Greetings Sabriye Hanim, you need to open a case for the determination of service times.

thank you. Good work for your attention ..

Hello, 3 is our brother, my mother and father are married 22 annually, my father is cheating on my mother for about 10 year, as proof + 18 has his own 15 video.
My question is sir, my father is not working right now and my mother is looking at 1 for the year, my father has 1 flats and 1 60 thousand TL. Is there a divorce situation where the house stays with my mother? Or what can we get?

Were greetings received before or after the marriage date? Is the money in the bank an amount earned in marriage? The answers to these questions are important.

Hi we have made 4 friends illicit digging and sent the court to 2 years 2 months imprisonment after a year 1 we have sent to an upper court, we can get the information of what happens to our cezamix

Greetings, we need to examine the reasoned decision given in the local court to make a clear comment.

My mother, father, grandmother, grandfather were all born in Macedonia. Can I get citizenship from Macedonia if my mother and father took a sample of the infamous population? (Or what is the probability?)
Can I get my own daughter if I can get citizenship?
Thank you.

Greetings Ahmet Bey, the visa you will make to Macedonia and the application for citizenship are related to the internal laws of Macedonia.

Hello my father 17yil before retired as a building attendant.17sene continued to work in the same building did not give a legal right to residents of the building do not give support premium after retirement they have no legal paperwork in their hands no way we should be able to take the right way

Greetings, we need to learn some details to make a clear comment. Please contact us.

Good day my dad committed suicide 5 months ago. The debts to the bank also do not pay insurance 3 is the year rule and say that the 1 day and 20 day lost. Would it be effective if we sue for you?

You need to share our health insurance policy with Ms. Selen.

Hi, First of all my father is suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (mood). Every day at certain hours and minutes, she comes out of her room, turns the lamps on and off, opens and closes the water, opens and closes the doors, takes things like nail clippers from her room and puts them on top of her natural gas honeycombs in the kitchen. Our psychology / psychology is deteriorating. The same thing happened to the previous family (mother, father, siblings) and they reacted to it (my father). I went to school for my life because of my father, my psychology was defective. and the latest high school 1. When I came to this class at home and I have problems similar to this first (I will last for a lifetime) attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder disease, and then caught in depression. After using antidepressant for many years, my depressive disease ended. even though I didn't care at all, even though I told my father that he had to be treated dozens of times. A few months ago, I had already abandoned the aforementioned behaviors (lights on, etc.) since I told him that I would complain to the police, but he started again a few weeks ago. My two sisters, a few years older than me, have a bad psychology. ever since my birth, my father has never worked in a proper job; on a daily average, only da 10 tl ”makes a profit, and it also smokes. going. my mother has a job for many years and every month, the people are paying the bills / fees accumulated in the bread oven and wholesalers. not divorced. in which case, which crimes my father has committed or committed, can I sue my father for moral damages, how can I prove it if I open it? On a website, it is said that hasta petition can be treated and the patient can be treated ”, is this correct? if it is true, does the state provide an income benefit or can we generate a different income from anywhere?

Yusuf Bey first report on mental illness. Request a k guardian v for the petition to be submitted to the Magistrates' Court in accordance with the medical report. After the guardianship, request the inpatient treatment with your application to the governor.

Example: Özgür Bulut

Lawyer, good luck. I'm a contract worker in a factory. On the day of my contract, I gave up the reports of the work I did not have the right to receive compensation. I've been working there for a year. Introduction Subat 12 exits 11. I am February 12 report. I'm waiting for your answer. Thank you now

Ozgur Bey first I need to examine your contract.

Hi, I used a loan from a bank I could not pay this debt I did not communicate with the lawyer did not contact me for a while I did not drop a little later sent to my house I was not at home because I'm not at home to leave the donation 2 I'm in contact with the lawyer I made the configuration I paid the first installment aonra Again said I will send to the court of execution I stay with my family next to me but nothing on it nothing unemployed I do not work in this case I should follow the way I can help with this I want to pay but I want to but I can not do anything says that I'm glad you're working in the muhtarlık

Mehdi Bey, unfortunately, is at your discretion.

Hello Saim guys now remain from me my grandfather is very expensive antique things bidets statement said, I asked the collectors million dollars would me abroad, I found a customer via instagram I sent the photo now that customer turkey overtakes I or me money and if I bank bank also does is it money where from did you find me I sold the antique things and the table grandfather say if I say you sold the historical work and if they do not give money can be such a thing

Greetings Ali Bey, I need some details to answer your question exactly. For this reason, please contact us. https://av-saimincekas.com/iletisim/

Hello, my name is Mehmet is my court of law, the case was concluded 59 thousand defect criminal house after the removal of the lawyer and the other account 55 thousand defect lies in the agreement with my lawyer to win the water in the line of the anlastik 15 as well as the 8 thousand and the law is doing the defect and the lawyer 39 bin what should I do for this

First, try to solve it with your solicitor. If fraud is involved, the lawyer may complain to the bar association.

Good days, I spoiled my probation.To me the court acildi.12ay punishment 36 gun lay and I think about the dormitory.suan dormayayım.cezam how much will be covered and I lie down?

Greetings, your file needs to be reviewed to get a clear answer.

Hi, I have seen a document related to the increase in my workplace, I have reported this document to the department chief and the hotel responsible manager verbally revealing the information of the workplace to dismiss me they can do without giving my legal rights

Greetings Veysel Bey, unjustified or justified termination of the contract is discussed. The subject of the case is gathered on this issue. Therefore, your defense and allegations will affect the fate of your right to severance pay.

Hello Is there a penalty for broadcasting on the internet live underwear?

Greetings, pornographic elements do not carry any penalty is not.

Lawyer Bey My good name My name Metehan Barutçu I entered in 23.12.2013 03.05.2018 and the structure of the mandatory short-term military service 10.01.2019 by taking my compensation back to work on condition that I had to leave. I ended my military service on 11.01.2019 and returned to work on 3. Human resources are currently closed in the recruitment process, this process may take 3 months, 50 days, and if the recruitment of the opening of the application will be concluded if the positive results. XNUMX There is no development beyond the day Is there a time limit for the finalization of this process in the recruitment process? All managers and regional managers do their utmost to provide a positive opinion and a back-up. This information has been confirmed by the party during the meeting. Attorney, my request to ask me how much of my bank, and how much time I can open a job in my case is born. I would appreciate it if you give me any more information. I'm happy to bother you at this hour, good evening.

Greetings Metehan Bey defined this period as “within a reasonable time Selam. In this process, you can open a case if someone else is taken for you. However, it should be said that this process is a reasonable process if you do not take anybody for you and expect an employment gap.

Saim, hi,
According to the file that the execution office decided not to prosecute, the lawyer of the bank could make a deduction from my salary.
File status-Closed-writes not followed
Thank you from now

Greetings Taner Bey is not the case on the initiative of the enforcement office. The payee party should renew the file every year. If this renewal is not performed, the file remains unattended, in which case it may be requested to remove it again from the archive. Therefore, the process can be revived again.

My file was given to the file, but not renewed. This situation is appropriate, thank you very much for your help again

The salary volume cannot be applied without the request for renewal in the execution file. You can complain to the Enforcement Law court about this situation.

Hello, my lawyer, my husband in the summer with my husband discussed the result of the assault on my nose as a result of a temporary solid tati tapor broken and no problems did not finish the decision to remove the complaint before the end of the case filed a petition filed my wife's former lawsuits closed before the criminal home in 5 day to stay open to the criminal home I said with an anxiety I did not hit my own hand hit that an angry rage halimle dead I said I said I said judge said slander about the judge opened 1 years on the internet 4 year imprisonment my family order to protect my wife get sentenced to complain now what I've been guilty

Greetings Pınar Hanım, you need to manage the process with a lawyer. Get well soon.

Hello there
The furniture store, which we couldn't pay the debt, gave us execution on 01.03.2019. No notice from the house. Coincidentally we saw the state. We interviewed the store's lawyer. 10 billion of our debt to 17 billion will come to the foreclosure will be removed all the goods in the house, he said. I already have my 1 couch from 3. The salary on top of the foreclosure will come. He also chastised. My questions are:
Does it really go through all the stuff?
How much of the salary foreclosures come?
Before the notification of the foreclosure process begins?
How many days do they come to the foreclosure?
Do you need to pay all the money or installment is done?
What if the items in the house do not meet the debt?
Thank you from now…

There is a possibility that the notification has been made without a problem, it may be useful to examine your file. 1 / 4 of the salary is subject to foreclosure. Notification if you are not delivered to the headman of the neighborhood. It is in the hands of the creditor that in a few days it will be settled. The earliest notice can be received 15 days later. The installment is at the discretion of the creditor. If the household goods do not meet the debt, the remaining part of the debt continues.

I got a marriage agreement with my wife in the marriage union, but half of my sisters bought gold and money as a debt, but did not do anything in the protocol gave me this house and gave me all rights were written on the parenthesis, but the names and surnames of the house to be written in the form of my sister and I determined the amount of debt money and gold the court has written that they have not reimbursed the court in the court decided to approve all the items passed in the protocol, but this debt is not specified in any protocol written in the package. I now get a half of the lawsuit to the person I left this debt I can get half thanks for your information in advance

Greetings Derya Hanim, we need to examine the original protocol. Yours truly.

Hello.11 month I had my day off the workplace and I did not know my work went to work the next day again .. On the same day they said the last data did not sign the hicbişey .. 2 day after the arbitration award and I applied for my work. workplace when you find out that the output of the need I did not go to call it .. I sent a caution on me and they changed my code from work .. 04 code was out with the code they have changed 29 code .. How can I get my rights, please help me ..

Hanife Hanım should advance this process with a lawyer.

I'm studying at a private university. My scholarship fell naturally because my first semester was below the 2, and I continued full pay later in the semester. Even though I was over the top of the 2, my scholarship was not refunded.
After dozens of petitions for months, I was accepted and I made a recording. About a year later, I received documents from the student's office to get the military paper, and I learned that the payment for the period in which they did not make the transfer was transferred to the period I graduated from the 20 thousand pounds, so I have to pay by the year.
I argue that my registration was not intentional when I objected
So here I have both a period loss and I owe 20 thousand pounds. I have been a material spiritual victim
Can I get a result if I open the case to the school

Contact the full name of Ersay Bey University by contacting us. We need to read the regulations and regulations.

Because the deeds of the deceased had not been passed to the heirs on the bad days of their fathers have shared their lands among themselves. in the presence of the people near us in the presence of the 60 thousand square meters in the presence of 500 thousand square meters in the face of the deed, as a guarantee of sales contracts and 160 thousand tl two separate bill received. sales contract under the name of the witnesses with their own handwriting I read the letters in large and small letters I have signed the sign I signed someone with his wife and spouse of the contract we have two separate contract of sale contract, sales contract under the sale of land transfer money, the transfer of receipt, and two separate 160 bin Since the deed of the deed to the municipality to the municipality due to the bad situation between the brother is not able to pass the deed I want to tapumu in this case, how should I follow a path in this case. Respects

Musatafa Bey examines your paperwork and provides advice at the office.

Because the deeds of the deceased had not been passed to the heirs on the bad days of their fathers have shared their lands among themselves. in the presence of the people near us in the presence of the 60 thousand square meters in the presence of 500 thousand square meters in the face of the deed can come to the deed as the sale agreement and 160 thousand TL two separate deed. sales contract under the name of the witnesses with their own handwriting I read the letters in large and small letters I have signed the sign I signed someone with his wife and spouse of the contract we have two separate contract of sale contract, sales contract under the sale of land transfer money, the transfer of receipt, and two separate 160 bin Since the state has no debt to the municipality due to the fact that the situation between the brother and the poor is not able to transfer the title I want to tapumu.Bu in this case, how should I follow a road how can I help myself. Respects

Selamunaleykum teacher have my compensation case for about 3 years I have been in the last 1 years I ask for the lawyer I ask for a half sketchy answer when the file in the appeal

Please try to communicate better with your lawyer. The person who dominates your file is your lawyer and no one knows better than when on average.

In the 2013, my father had an accident with the vehicle and the vehicle was left untouched, and since our car was left unopened, and because it wasn't casco, 47 retracted us as a thousand TL. My family is not talking to my father because of this debt is up to me he never pay any kind and there is nothing on it. There will be a few questions 4.Sorum two debts because of the file is now on my salary request foreclosures came and I have a plan to buy a house for my mother on the moon. I'll take over my mother is any foreclosure operation is for both me and my mother because of my father's title on the subject is confiscated. 5.sorum different from our father who do not speak separately and we do not have a lot of different locations from different banks in different locations do not have to do with us at the separate place in the foreclosure process is started and we will also forward to the refusal of any reflection will be on my father's debts. Finally 1.sorum 2 thousand TL with the sum of the debt of interest on the 3 thousand TL is now a way to make this installment do I have to talk to the other party but they say they continue to process interest they say legally there is a solution. Thanks in advance.

Dr. Murat Bey greetings, your questions have more than one answer, the short-question answer is not possible to answer from here.

I had a traffic accident with my friend 1 years ago I was in the accident my friend's arm was implanted temporary prosthesis and the statement said that the complainants accidentally accidentally said that the accident can open or open the compensation to me to wonder if something can be done

Has the traffic report been determined by the Tramer Registration or expert report and defect rates?

greetings lawyer
I had a traffic accident with my friend 1 years ago I was a driver of a temporary prosthesis to my friend and complain that we did not complain that we took the car together without permission said that we lost control of the car said the car registration
this is my friend can sue me for compensation, but now I have a trace on the arm is quite normal then the driver did not open what can be done to do what you can do bide lawyer

After the accident the car was perted out and sold to the lawyer did not report the person who did not report the tram did not report

I wrote a fake account under the Instagram photo of one of them. He said he'd hand me the prosecution. The event happened 18-4 days ago. Is it a crime? And lastly, 5 will be of age after the month I use the device on my father, if they find my device opens the case directly to my father?

Greetings .. bank vs my debt due to my debt to the salary is now unemployed .. I do not have an address registered in the state that I live with my family home executive income.Banks to all your addresses to be applied to foreclosures sms coming. I do not reside at the address I have given to these institutions.

hello lawyer I leave my wife at the prison for about a month 8 my self confused in an event and learned that the 13 year penalty has exceeded the head of the judges have sent a higher court said the attorney has received the order to file a lawyer lawyer said that the court of appeal will send the court of criminal sanction is applied clean and state record I'm very worried I'm worried that all of them lie in the lawyer or his lawyer is looking for his family but often cvp not give

Greetings, if you are the applicant to the court of appeal, I can say that there will be no clause in this case. However, you should talk to your lawyer about the fate of the situation.

In 2012 I had a message with a woman insulting through the message. I erased these messages. The lady just complained about my messages. I was found guilty for not being able to prove it. After that, I was never in contact with her. Last year when I was sitting in the car, he opened the car door and dragged me and battered it and battered it and insulted me. I complained about her. I went to the room complained to me, and she had insulted me and beat me so that I could not do anything. This lady wants me to stand trial for repetition of the crime and be sentenced to prison. Do I get a prison sentence

Gülay Hanım, you need to prove your claims. If you cannot prove your claims before the court, you will be punished. If your registration is clean, it is hardly possible for this sentence to be a prison sentence.

I just got a fine on the case with that lady. I have nothing in my criminal record

And finally the person who was the witness in this case went and witnessed in court and the case is going on

And finally, in this case, the witness witnessed me in court.

Do you mean acquittal?

Lawyer I want to get information about a subject I had two years ago from my wife divorced divorce in the divorce of the ongoing house deed to change the title of the name of the house agreed on. My name changed, but I did not get over me because the credit is not yet finished. I'm going to regret.

The protocol you prepared in the divorce case is important. We have to examine this protocol and determine whether the relevant article is valid or not.

court acquitted the court did not understand the lawyer lawyer lawyer did not even go to his client 25 court had passed courtesy still will go if you are unable to open the faint if you will follow the fate, but I did not open three small children I hope I worship my face guler

Hello, I've been vouched for my friend and Vestel took the TV from the dealership, but I have moved away from the city without paying the debt, I have moved his home and I have only the phone number but I have vouched for this person, but this person's ID card photocopy of the identity of the identity of the dealer did not want the dealer for now, the foreclosure has come to my salary, but has not yet started to be cut what can I do in this case ??

I would like to examine if you have a copy of the deed or contract you have vouched for. Only in this way can I make a clear comment.

I was ripped off by the betting site. I later learned that this site was not a legal site. I will open a case to this site, but I am saying that I will eat the penalty. How much penalty can I get back and get the money back ..

Greetings, you will receive an administrative fine depending on the amount you are playing in accordance with the law of misdemeanors. You can get your remaining money in the case if you provoke the act of divorce.

There is a series of events related to the problem that I would like to ask for. ± We went to the guest house of the next day, and the amount of money found in the 2 pieces in the bag of the day, we noticed that one of the dundanlardan. Then we noticed that after this new acquaintance had visited our house, we found some gold from the bag found in the wardrobe. What we will do is coincide with the money and gold coincidence that after the visit of this woman in the family 2 different from the visit of the woman, we have shared the common We're a family of 3. Then we put a hidden camera in our bedroom and let this woman stand alone for up to 20 minutes at home and all the cupboards of our bedroom I've found my own house I've found out that the clothes are mixed in our clothes. This is because of the fact that the structured shapes of the frustration have always been the same. This woman has the money in my own 2 pocket. One of the other family's drawers is a bracelet with a gold ottoman necklace on the bracelet. 3. The family is still receiving a different amount of cash (3000 TL separately 80 TL) 3000 tlyi standing next to the same drawer from the bedroom. Also comes from us when my bag is running gold. After all, I found the camera and then watched my bedroom, I noticed that I was mixing all the room at the convenience store. What can we do from a legal perspective? In my other 2 family I will be complained of this person in the family.It has been these events on different dates from time to time. how should we follow a path. If the case is clear, how to help himself if he can get a penalty â € Ä. Finds and saygä ± ± mlaâ € |.

Greetings, Atill Bey's view is very detailed and I would like to take legal advice on this matter. The procedure you need to process must be clearly planned. Finds and saygä ± ± ml.

Hello there
My cousin 4 has been working for years. Three were not interrupted with the day job. She had tried to sign paper that she requested at her own expense, but she had not signed it. My cousin 68 disabled in a matter of days. they kept a record of not fulfilling their job. They said they needed to sign the minutes and signed it. He played his best psychology to try to avoid work. The workers were aware of this as well, but they could not do so because of the fear of disengagement. Is there in the hands of the office in the hands can receive compensation. It is also not impaired and is operated in the normal work position. We must follow a path.

Greetings are more healthy to progress by finding a lawyer who is interested in business law in your province. There are many things that need to be researched as far as you are told.

I would like to advise you something that is good for you. he pushed his shoulder and she could not resist the brother of the sister, and that person went and interrogated the brother of complain that he had not done anything and the complainant drew back the complaint, but the petition prevailed, so the petition prevailed, doo what to do if you write the answer would like to thank you very much ars

Sevda Han hareket m should act with a good criminal lawyer in this period. What you need to do is not a process to proceed with the lead underneath.

I left the workplace from the discussion I said.
then you have wanted to go out for yourself by saying they have written a petition of resignation. This is what I say.

It is not possible to make a comment without seeing the sample of the petition.

Hello there,

At a vocational college of a public university. Lecturer. See. I am working with the title. Last year, YÖK closed the department where I worked, upon the request of the Rectorate. Full staff transfer was required within the organization, and this affected the 12 person. We received a petition from which faculty / college and department we wanted to move to. At the end of the 4 monthly process, full staff transfers were carried out with the approval of YÖK. However, as far as I know there is a statement about the departments that are closed in YÖK legislation; I The staff of the instructor is transferred to the appropriate vocational college of the same university, if there is no appropriate department in the appropriate faculty department of the same university. Ivers Although the relevant department of 2 is close to the Rectorate, it is allowed to pass to the faculty. Although my cadromsa was a department in the faculty, it was transferred to a college which was not related to my field. I can't go to class at my school. 2 person's situation is shown by showing the rectorate or YÖK which can be given to the court and do we have a chance to win?

Thank you.

Alper Bey regulations need to be examined within the scope of the legislation. It is not possible to give a clear answer to your question in this way. It is healthier to provide face-to-face interviews with a lawyer in your province.

Contact Ozan directly

Good evening, I want to consult. My friend did not withdraw credit from the bank I took credit with the month of 48 month.My friend to me and the station to write the stationary vericek.We need to fill out what you need to fill out separate 48 grain deed for each month?

You can get rid of the 48 deed separately by preparing the protocol (contract) together with the promissory note.

Two days ago, police friends came to the house for information. The phone and harddisks at home were searched for exploration. I was told that the description was made sharing the child pornography via wifi. They went away without any paper. Obviously we were in shock. It is not even possible for such a share to be made consciously. When discovering the environment called DeepWeb, do you know that a few obscene content that is downloaded without knowing that it is a crime is a child pornography and that it is immediately deleted? What is the penalty? Is there any need to hire a lawyer? What is the maximum legal period for examining this phone and hard drive? We're very worried. Thanks in advance.

Melih Bey is a sensitive process and blame. I suggest that you decide how to deal with a lawyer and then follow up.

Good day my mother on the car bought as a disabled I gave the car money from one of my siblings 4 my mother wants to get out of this car says that my mother does not have a request 2 my mother does not have a car from my mother's notary that the car belongs to me in the future if my mother died of writing thank you what happens or what is the way of it

An inheritance contract is required.

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Hello from the owner to my site put my clock from Nigeria customer watsap and mail to me at the time I wrote a price 4800 TL wanted to get a bargain bank America sent a mail through a bank ptt cargo shipment receipt sent maile cvp and told me to put the money into my account two days have passed money did not come to ptt go and pay back cargo wanted back today as cargo looked cargo delivered in Nigeria ptt cargo and this is my triumphalism ptt I need to open my case what should I do thank you in advance thank you in advance

At this point, the PTT has no responsibility.

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Hello, Saim Bey,
Last year, I served in a ship's infirmary. The company I worked with provided health services to the ship, I was a subcontractor of the ship.
The vessel's system was 28 day work, 28 day resting.
While the other staff members on the ship were working at 12 hours and resting on the 12 hours (there were 2 people who did the same task, the 24 hours were working in sequence).
The project lasted about 6 months, 28 day 24 hours after the operation was working on the day 28. (28 on-28off)
28 day 24 time in the workplace (on board) for the month I spent my time on board the 672.
Can I qualify for overtime and how is my fee calculated? The 2 doctor I work with and a health worker will witness me.
I can prove my arrival and departure dates by flight tickets received by the company and abroad entry-exit stamps in the passport. As the ship was in international waters (12 miles on the way), the exit operations were carried out abroad. That's why there is an international exit and entry stamp in my passport.

Merabalar I turkiyede stranger, but I have permission sit Can I go to visit my boyfriend I entered the prison and its access to money yatirabilirmiy

Yes you can go to visit. I couldn't understand what you meant by making a deposit.

Hi my mother falls in a field by her mother and she is passing state line in this field
The bank lies at the cost of expropriation, but when we went to the bank as heir, they told us that we should bring a certificate of war.

You must ensure the inheritance of the inheritance after the succession. You must determine your shares with other heirs.

Hi there, I have a private company on the manufacture of steel construction, a company with the same industry on the same company to make a friend of the steel construction hangar manufacturing and installation work, the work will be done in their own workshop, the manufacturing of the production of the customer's factory site wants to give the job but the customer 2. as a subcontractor does not accept my own and my staff must be insured through his own company, so I and my staff will look like his salaried employee for example: the installation work 100 bin a contract we've finished 1 months work and the salary of my staff and sgk sık legally 60 bin tl the remaining 40 bin tl is not legal because it is not legal to work in this situation by making a contract of business and myself and the temporary task to do the job by making the bill is more accurate

It's healthier to cut bills.

Hello my mother and my father are living together for a while without marriage I'm being separated after 23 have never seen my father did not see their house once they went home I did not believe in his family said they did not believe right, said they said the right they said they open the court and therefore I do not want to go to the door The name I want to open the case is the surname and the address does not help me just how should I follow the path in my hand

Greetings If Hacer Hanım does not give up your economic situation, you can get legal support from legal aid. Yours truly.

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Hi all, I am a student and I have the power to remove the lease from the house when I want him on my friend and other natural gas and water subscriptions

Greetings, yes Mr. Esra has the right to remove the person from the house because you have the lease agreement.

Hi, I opened the case for divorce because of violence and deception. but my wife and her family spread it. I came out of the heart did not give my two sons in the first two weeks. My little boy is 3 my age is 2 my age is XNUMX.It is sure to give them to me. And today my wife and his family sold furniture in the second hand my few pieces of dowry left in front of the door. I'm in the situation of how I need to follow a lawsuit again I have to open another case. I don't know why the reason why I didn't make a comment ..

Greetings, legal aid you are required to obtain detailed information from the attorney. Examining your file is a paid legal service.

Hi I'm writing from abroad, we have nine kazdesiz five germany diyer from turkey father 2012 years on death ever heritage could not split small boy when my brother, was empty from the first marriage, one of two sons va five years or so was divorced for ever alimony to the child oder failed ex-wife attorney gave your father a tarlay to remove the sale of avikat the heritage to be paid for the alimony of child support such as the lawyer without our permission if the saddle, what should we do what you need to do me, I would be very happy with my sagilarimla

Greetings Suna Hanım cannot comment on this subject without reviewing your inheritance file.

Hello. I'm about 20 years abroad. And during this time I did not pay any money to the chamber of artisans and craftsmen. Unpaid your brother called my brother a week ago in Turkey and they will start execution delayed because of debts. Does he call when he calls? Does it start immediately. And my producer in Turkey do not have a garden just above me and the house was left of my father, but they leave more common goods. Can they perform them? And 20 years can still last this debt

Greetings, no enforcement proceedings must have been made to notify you in order to be started.

Hello, my family had a divorce case since the 2017 lawyer can not handle the law of our grandson because of the hand did not give the case was divorced divorce and my son could not go to the hospital because of the situation could not join the family could not participate in the meantime, and in the meantime, our grandchildren did not show us in any way the decision to divorce says you can only see the market day istanbula how do i go every week how to get there i don't have the financial means don't support child oglum suan 6 I need help in prison I need to do to see my grandson

You can ask the court to arrange viewing times about your granddaughter.

Hello my business question I moved to another workplace and we were forced to leave the workplace due to the distance and the founder of a buq year because we are not entitled to compensation by our founder director said that we have a right to receive tqzminat, even though we know that we have the right to declare our manager does not have such a situation let me know how to proceed and I would like to follow a path to leave a job without leaving a new workplace we can not go to the new workplace by asking us to specify the reason for going

Greetings, you can prove that you quit your job with justified reasons, you can get your severance pay.

Contact miray directly

Hello, we have received a home in 2015. While we had the 11 execution on the house, we closed these performers without taking the title deed on us, we even paid more than a thousand pounds of 34 on the figure we agreed for the house, so we were damaged, that is, my father on the deed, but we reside, but on the ground floor of the house we are living we have that he owns us, the person we bought here did not give us the key we realized that much later in the process that day or night when we were at work, those who came out there and those who brought out the goods from our neighbors, we called the person we got the house but could not reach. 2 years later his wife came to him that the house they did not receive half the money I said, I had our documents with our own 34 bin con pet, down to the apartment I asked him whether someone came in and out of anything I said to me need money, he said, and went. Shortly after this event, when we were at work, my neighbor called and asked someone to go to the apartment and sent the person we received from the house. Although he treated us as a thief and went to the police station to complain about the 2 years after receiving the house, police station after the expression of my wife and nothing happened after examining the scene. 2 a few years after the agreement with the lawyer to deal with the abuse of trust once again verbal verdi vermesi vermus verdi. 2 witnessed the transporters of that day. 2.dava seen, 1 has our second case in April and my expressions with my father-in-law will be taken. 30 truck themselves have talked about the existence of the 7 thousand TL they are demanding. We have our own title deed instead of the thief. What happens in the process. I would appreciate if you help

Miray Hanim, hypothetically simple to be directed from here is not a process, unfortunately. I suggest you deal with a lawyer for the fate of your file.

Hi, I have a case in the court on the charge of defamation in the first criminal case ssler ssler with another court that I wanted to take my statement of the same crime today I went to the police station and the police I have already a court of these crimes 2 times I went out to court and I still said that I was still going on my crime about the crime and the same crime already opened and I still have a case that continues to add to my statement on the same crimes in court in different courthouse can go? 5 6 3 2 I can not give the request of the excuse, but I can not come to the hearing at the time of my hearing and said that I can not come to the hearing at the latest said what can I do if I do not go to court what happened already 2 XNUMX court deferred

Judgment is made in your absence. It's good for you to hire a lawyer and keep track of your case.

Hello. I'm ripped off by a friend here. He told me that he is always making great bets and getting too much. He said his family is doing very well. He asked me to pay 10000 tl for the betting site but he said he would never use the money I gave him. When he placed the bet site, he said that if 10000 is in TL, 2000 is given a TL chip and he will never touch my money. But he used my money, and he says he can't pay it back. I reached out to his family and they told me that this was not a first and that they could not help. I want to start a legal process. Can I do this when I'm in the military? and is it possible for me to win the case?

Greetings, yes, you can continue the process when you are in the military. But it is good to proceed with a lawyer. Even if you are right, it is difficult and expert to prove it.

Hello, my teacher my brother 04.04.2019 also arrested the group in case my brother as xnumxkiş Uzbekistan citizen values ​​citizen of Turkey but xnumxkiş were released they were inside at Maltepe open prison they arrested medicine whose it Demise In his statement to the inside man, but my brother in giving medication that I take from other places also have now that two freed career inside they are pressuring the crime partners to change your expressions at the moment they have a lawyer, but my lawyer to my mother will take off all of our lawyer says that the relatives of the child in the prison?

Greetings Naz Hanım, your file should be examined in detail. We can't comment in this way.

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My teacher. 2 traffic that is captured by 104.promil alcohol days ago. 6 month of my license was confiscated. And a public case will open. First caught in my criminal record before the clean and I'm a university graduate in terms of a situation that would prevent me from being a senior officer in court. This is 2. I'd be happy if you were an assistant.

Hello there. I'm coy. My wife filed for divorce a month ago. On the day of the trial, the case was postponed to May. My wife is currently a schizophrenic hospital in a psychiatric clinic. I want a divorce.
What advantages does it take for me to have a psychiatric patient?
If he doesn't come in May, will there be divorce again?
Is there a statement in the hospital and a divorce?
How should I proceed?
Thank you in advance good work ..

Hello 3 my friend 5 to be familiar, unfortunately we've been infected. 2 at the end of the year of this usurer of the debt in the end of the contract by understanding the obligation to put the salary. We added 40 to 70 and added the amount of 2 per month to 19. but we have been matched to a game in the form of a party. 1 perennial was written annually. The lawyer of the loan shark is obliged to do this 2 70 a month later and we will cancel it. He started the coin. however, he does not abandon annual faults. In this case, the 35 will be in the month of 60 will be folded to the 70 month, the 8 XNUMX will find the month. in this case what can we do with this XNUMX person

I want to get help with the banking registry cleaning. All the applications I have done individually have been inconclusive.
And can I get clear results?

Good day, counselor.
I got divorced nine or ten years ago, my daughter was in custody, I gave her father's custody last year.
However, I have difficulties with the interview with my daughter, also a student host home when I heard about the custody I opened in Adana myself I'm resident in Hatay.
However, his father said he would reject the case, my daughter told the social specialist that there is violence, which is present in the report .. May I ask for measures to prevent my daughter to stay there?
If I can be found, how should I do this because I do not have a lawyer.
Thank you from now

I decided to postpone the opening of a public trial on the charge of possession of drugs and I was subjected to 1 year probation practice. This decision came out of cannabis coming from my friend who was in the same setting and even though I told my friend to take a drink and say "never drink". There's no crime in my record before. 15 I started the audit in February. I wonder if I still have the right to appeal the removal of the decision? How can I?

6 says I've been paying alimony for years, says auto cut off says someone who says auto cut off

My 2016 also had my 5000 debt my wife came into the room after the executive came to the executive came and went again came 2. Once I can buy the goods I live in the house I do not reside in the bay

Items may be confiscated if they determine that you are the user of the items.

Hello, lawyer, about ten days ago, my roommate had a friend who they had interviewed and drank. This friend of mine wanted to come with another friend, I meant to introduce him. When I didn't come in, he wrote a book Whatsaptan the boy he wanted me to meet after an hour. I said I didn't want to see you in the sense of union, but you'd come and know it. Alcohol was a friend came to the crystal was drinking a substance, and he extended my drink I've never been so obvious I did not understand before drinking, then I kept constantly substance. He then said that he made the sale of this item got up to 100 tl. My friend in the grass asked those two back street brother said he took from him come and took him 100 tl took went. Did not come when I said why did you have a gun when I caught the empty speeches did all the correspondence stopped. This is sold to me when I want to re-write the 100 £ I said that this time out of exorbitant prices for no tide taxi money or something to give up, I gave it to someone else. Of course, this article does not keep me awake for about five days before I called it before I started messaging messaging I wanted 200 TL. Taxi or something about what was coming to come when the message aTti urgent name to leave the door because he came and left the package took the money went out and opened the package I noticed that the lemon salt filled, I immediately called a sarcastic attitude came and said wave. This person both drinks and sells this substance and also sells my friend's 100. And who knows who did more. I said I'm not gonna let this go. This time you make a u-turn and I know you I don't know you sold me lemon salt thief know what I've been trying to slander me, but since the first day he wrote both whatsap and normal messages duro. In order not to hurt more people called Izmir narkotigi hour 200 team friends come and talk with them said. In addition, a lot of friends selling this item began to throw insulting messages to my mother and my mother how to proceed for them. Boyle people do not get punished?

I want to bosanmak court of law.

Your spouse must prove the reason for divorce, otherwise the case is rejected.

Contact Ahmet directly

SA I bought a vehicle and sold it using 6 months. but before I took the mileage was taken back. I didn't notice. This is proven in official records. Now the person I'm selling said that the court will open a court. What can I do

Hello there,
40 years ago we bought a house and workplace with my father. % 50% 50 common. My father passed away last year.
My other 2 brother will be filing the case to get their rights. Is this case over my father's 50 share, or through all the goods? Is there any chance of losing my home and my workplace if all the goods are opened?

Hi, I was in debt to the bank, but I came to this month because of bad things vok bad things on my head and I do not want to give it to me with the inheritance hısseli this deeds do not want to be able to set up and work again with this money I can be transferred to this field or arsamı without foreclosure

Dear lawyer, 15 + 16 mourning 2 young people enter our house and the door window was broken and the young people were caught in the thief, but we opened the case after the act was told to us c they do not take the penalty for what they do and their mothers do not take fathers yas and we say in court, expedition will give us the court why the state amnesty tes but I say that the judge does not give the penalty why I'll have more… and we pay all the court costs, not the thieves orum I now say thank you to the lawyer. Happy days jasmine

Hello there,
I was involved in a traffic accident in November 2018. I found 100 defective on my behalf by the commission upon the failure of the insurers to disagree. Even though there was a small accident, the other party had perte the vehicle with the salvage. The counterparty company has paid me this amount due to the payment of 61.000. My insurance was covered by 36.000. The remaining part of 25.000 is demanding from me.
My question is, this vehicle perte left undamaged left mudguard, 4 wheels, rigging the price of parts such as roller shutters, and I have photos of these areas are not damaged. What do I have to do in this situation.? False expere, can I file a lawsuit against the insurance company? Or is it necessary to determine the negative cost for the determination of the actual cost? Thank you very much for your comments.

have a nice day
the father has vouched for his son over an amount on a bond.
The father is a retired and married.
voucher There is no written or written document.
kefillik deniable?
What should we do.?
bond date 06.01.2015

Hello I would have a question If you can cancel 17 when a person is in the 18 age because of the assault, he can cancel it or if he does not want the case to continue, how can he cancel it?

Contact Emel directly

Hello, Lawyer,
My mother 17 died on 2019. I'm the only child of my mother. In my mother's inheritance in 2012 we only have the house I'm sitting in with our common money. 3 share to me when I wanted to obtain certificate of inheritance from the notary Ann 40 3 share the 3 child for divorce from my husband (the child's custody was my mother, the child died after divorce) because of the death of his dead father, the father and father of the uncle and his wife because they are dead.
I mean, half of the house that my mom bought for her husband's nephews with whom she divorced 40 years ago. What do you tell me about what happens?

3 I have been working in the factory for years 2 times work accident 1 rınısını stiff rhythm hiatus in hospital hospitalized but my finger was half of the 2 kincısında ovary sac in the balls was yelled in the last month I left the heat a certain part of my desk did not give me a certain part of my desk, I would be good if I can get a good compensation in this situation

Hello, I have some money my wife wants this money I have a continuous incompatibility of inspirations if something happens if I get divorced if the money my assurance to my wife if I give this money how a paper or something else I'll get 5 10 year after bi valid counts

Hello I'm a gamze my mother with a judge in court I've been in a fight I've been judged a case, the act of insult they are now calling me to the court in July I'll take the penalty

My mother wants to leave my father, we are 5 brothers (only two children 18 years old) Mother's name on the behalf of my father's car is home in the name of my father there is no income of my father and I continue to work as an intercity bus driver my mother can get child support also my mother is free Can I request a lawyer? Thanks..

Hello, I'm a lady, I have been married for 5 years, my wife has borrowed from the bank without my knowledge and does not extend the loan and pay the loan. It starts a month, but the water I wonder; if something happens to my wife or does not pay the loan, if the bank is decided by foreclosures, can I place the goods on my behalf? Would I be responsible for the debt that my spouse takes from the bank, even if I don't even know?

Hello there
Aunt's wife and son were relocated to our address to see my cousin istanbula. My cousin stayed for two years. Two years later, my cousin went home but still did not get his home now have your father's credit card debt to two separate banks home foreclosure paper came last month, he went to the village in the holiday a month, if he does not care if the house comes to foreclosure what should we do

Hi 16 year-old child child accusation is accused of crime, but the crime did not work, only the expression of the girl's testimony based on all the data received to be examined to clean all the reports on the lawn clean 2 has not been in prison for years and the result of this case is how you know how to report the case of the 16. the çurudurm

Mrb me, my ex-girlfriend left him to complain to the cimere threatened me to take revenge on me to get revenge for the old maraketli mjlarıda call him to call the expression I did not understand the gostermis officers who wrote the word cimere said I was looking for him to say I'm in the sigh of safety cigar I'm in the sighs I'm in the sighs I'm in the sighs I'm in the sighs I'm in the cave. demis telefnda why I did not understand so long

hi my wife while my marriage union took credit without his knowledge and took the vehicle on his father. We are driving the vehicle now. We work and pay the loan together. In case of separation, I am held responsible for the remaining credit debt? or how can I prove it.

Hello lawyer, I will have a question to you every day in the morning I was using the tram way after a certain point when I was using my car almost 1 years, the punishment came constantly, what a warning came before what came a penalty so far 15 one odedim 10 will have to appeal for it I have no right, but I may be wrong, but I have not sent any warning warning so far 1 years after they send a permanent penalty, please inform

Slm lawyer, I work ten minutes before the break I got tired from my work and gave early break and my boss caught me in my hand with a cigarette and the phone caught me a record for a while and was constantly over us for a period of unnecessary things coming over and after this record, it was worthless to throw in the rest and to resign or to resign. what do i have to do for it

My grandfather passed away a long time before I opened my uncle my grandfather, my grandfather died when I was under the age of 18 grandfather passed away.

More detailed information is needed to comment.

Hello there
I was unemployed. I applied for a place to look for staff to be trained. When I went, it turned out to be a course called Avcılar Academy. They said that if I paid a certain amount of money, they would give me a course and then put it into work. I paid. A month has passed. They didn't start the course and didn't find a job. I agreed that I wanted to cancel. They said we'il make a refund. Over 6-7 months have passed. Not what I did. I can't get my money back. I found other people in my condition. They're officially fraud. It's a strange place on the 5 floor of a passage that doesn't even have a sign. I don't even think they're legal.

My question to you is: What can I do in such a situation? Which institution, where can I complain? Please give me information.

Greetings, first of all, you should inform the prosecutor about your suspicion of fraud. If they are fined for fraud, you can also claim compensation.

hello I've invested money in a sketch I took a bit of money kactılar izkırda board advertising sketch will give profits said 15691 pounds I've invested like a benm 9600 was more invested in the court 5 million dollar money in the account, but he was in the bank to give the bill to the bank in the bank account I'm in the bank to give it to the bank account I'm in the bank bc If I remove the deed will receive the shortest portion of the money to the remaining treasure transferred to the treasury I can't get the treasure in my hand I'm decontum, but this deed in the hands of the government I confronted the money I confronted in the icra I'm in the hands of the day I'm going to do what I do now saim bey

Slm illegal betting I got the penalty 7178tl my life I decided I didn't play Bida after learning the punishment of 15 months ago but I played a lot of times before the punishment after all the punishment I've got the minimum wage I ate the second penalty punishment oduct the second penalty how come I oderim Bole bi penalty can I sleep at night I can not eat a glass of water comfortable icemiyorum I can't eat ccklarimin face I'm out of law I bet my life will end now I'll play the punishment of the Enazindan offense they say I've got the answer to the person who just said to the person how to play the answer to the person he said to the person who said: vercem This is the second punishment of the fourth fourth punishment come to such a justice that will be allah askina ya

A defense request form was prepared and signed for me by my manager. Due to the fact that the article is long and stated in the sequence, when I asked for an example to be able to make defense according to the situation of the events, it was stated that it could not be given to me. Is there an item that I should submit a sample to me? Please inform me if there is any institution I can complain about. Besides, there is no clause in my contract.

hi, we learned that my wife owes a large amount to the bank. and we have no power to pay. my children have some money in their bank accounts for themselves. In case of foreclosures from the bank, my children's accounts are confiscated. are they responsible for my wife's debt

Example: Filiz Aydin

Mr. Saim, good evening,

My employer 3 did not pay our monthly salaries, and 4 ended the bankruptcy case at the end of the year and bankruptcy was approved, the decision was made. Iskur is paying 3 monthly salaries from the wage guarantee fund.

However, among the documents required for application, there is a alacak worker's certificate alacak.

Where to obtain this document. Bankruptcy. However, I am in Antalya, the company headquarters in Istanbul.

How can I obtain this document? I'll be happy if you can help me.

Since the year 2008 I've been working in the same workplace can not get the salary since 3 how we will get our gaklarımız how we will get our compensation if we get out of the company if we sink our rights tanminatimiz

Hello, Lawyer, I have made an online shopping. I had a bank problem when I ordered it. My order doesn't show up in my orders, but there was a money cut on my card. I contacted the site I'm shopping, said that there is a problem originated from the bank. The bank's been stalling me for days. I borrowed money from someone and threw money into the card. In that case, does the bank victimize me? Am I right if I open a claim for compensation?

have a nice day;
my father passed away at 2001. we are the sister of 6 and my mother retired my mother got a bidet ..
From 2000, we continued to pay for a cooperative loan on behalf of my father.
credit 2012 de finished on behalf of my father who died in the house came out ..
we did not do any bi transactions.
my brother in a company owed to the company owing to this house the court has given the execution.
my mother has cancer patients reports.
those living in the same house have no other homes.
the first hearing of the party's lawyer did not come.
judge; If the other party's lawyer would give the sale of the house, he said.
I wonder if there's anything we can do to keep our house.
Can 8 sell the entire house for 1 shares?

Good day my mother and father 10 years apart.Mother poverty alimony 150 I'm getting child support 200 tl my father does not pay for the state is cutting my salary. I married my mother in March 2019 alimony was not always cut her anyway. My father said, "Take a nap." 26 I'm a new student. Due to some special circumstances, I would like to have an immediate estimate of these two alimony. What should I do.


hello good day I have a question I'm a close friend of someone involved in the fraud guilty of the resulting money was delivered to the complete owner and went to his own surrender, but the actual person who stolen the crime is about to search the next court imprisoned until now the prisoner is closed in prison and before No such offense in the first record of acquittal in the court or by taking the audit, thank you in advance, I would be happy if you answer

Mrb I didn't accidentally transfer money in mobile internet banking to someone I didn't know
In the morning I immediately went to the bank, the bank has taken the money, we can not bisi man gave contact information of the man I talked to the man with the object of appeal flesh 5 additional then threatening msgs from another number, insults etc things
I received all of them petition y azdirdim Prosecutor's office I reported my complaint to 1ay was no information did not come to me
What is the result?

Hello there
My wife had taken the car from the gallery… We took the car in a deed shape .. The car and the bills were on me until the last few years. cause we went to jail learned.

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Hello there,
We have discovered the current case of tax evasion and some illegal jobs at the workplace where I work. For this reason, we took a proof video, it is obvious that the illegal work in the video is executed. Mobbing in the workplace in addition to the insulted boss in my hands Whatsapp speeches are available with dates.

Hello there
When I refuse the inherited debt from my grandfather, when I was alive in the past, is it taken away?

3 year 6 month imprisonment for my brother playing illegally bet on the 26 day is lying in the penitentiary, what happens when the control is free.

Hello. My question is a bit complicated, but I will try to explain as much as I can. Years ago, my father bought a plot from a relative. I bought a small contract-like contract between themselves I bought I'll give I'll take a paper he signed. My father lost this paper after a while. The zoning is still on the person who sells land that has not yet entered the land register and the 800 m2 plot gets 4 hiiseli. My father bought the 4 m200 by dividing it into 2. the other 2 share was also shared by my 2 relative and the last remaining 1 share was the one who sold us the land. People who buy 3 shares have erected buildings in their places. the person who sold the land did not build his land for years. When the zoning comes out and they want to get the title deeds of the lands, they look at the 4 shareholding land (3). that land was occupied by the municipality and the land deeds of the 3 building land in the name of the person who sold the land to my father. now they asked the municipality for the construction of the other shared plots of land because they have cut their share rights from the total land they said they were the only deeds and seized the land. In this case, the person who sells the land to us says, ”I am your partner in your land because the municipality took my land because it did not cut your share rights”. so he does not give the title deed to his father and other 2 landowners. In the meantime, instead of the paper lost in the nature of the contract my father sold the land on the person who sold the land deed to the tax, etc., and he did not want to pay for our own request was filed. he says there. I have sold so much land to those people and what I'll have what I'll give, he says. We have the court paper as evidence. This etc zoning problem in Istanbul-Esenyurt has been a lot and a general lawsuit was opened. Many years later he has now concluded the lawsuit. I don't know what the outcome was. While we are researching how we can get our land without giving the land to that person, my brother communicates with someone from the municipality and they say that you can get the title deed in your name at least, and we can help you. we and the other owner of the 2 land by going to an agreement we are selling the land partner. % 60% 40 buy and give it to us. But in these processes there is a lawsuit against that person and it continues. Besides, I do not know whether the municipality has such a right, but the municipality did not use the land that he confiscated and sold it to the public. the owner also gave the contractor, the building was. Now what is the path we should follow. What can we do in this case? What is your fee for solicitor counseling or what is the solicitor's fee? What do you think is the solvability rate of this business and how long do you think it will be solved? I'm doing a fee research, please, I would appreciate if you submit a fee offer? Good work.

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Hi attorney gentlemen, the deceased father 1985 tee notary deed with a relative from the land of the man who made the land of the man who made the sale of the land from the notary public's father was deceased to take the deed of the land now, but the other party says I can not give the name of the wife who made a sale with the name of his wife There was more debt owing to the sale of paper, he is now in the balance of the mind of the woman is not the man I know the children do not interfere. He says that we have to take the deed.

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Iyi günler
I stabbed someone in a fight on 16.08.2018. I slept in the closed prison from that date until 01.03.2019 and was tried for intentional killing. I was released in court on 17. They sentenced 01.03.2019 year 2 month punishment for intentional injury. I am now 6. 18 cooker 15 also bursa 2020. I have a court in the first instance, and the people around me say I'm going into the open house. How much do I go to bed if I go? If I go to bed after the signature control electronic clamp something similar to this? Nothing in my criminal record now appears in the future? Do I have a chance of being arrested in my trial at 1? Thank you in advance for your reply and attention.

Sec. Mr. Saim, hello,

First of all, I thank you for the valuable information on your site.

I would appreciate if you would have some questions.

2017 / 09 hk back to work in the corporate company that I opened. On the final court decision dated 14.06.2019. I made my application with a notary public in order to be called for work. But the employer didn't get missed at the end of the daily period 30 did not say or come to work. I reached out to the cats again with the mediator because it meant we were not getting unresponsive situations.

My first question for 4 + 5 was that I could get it without going to the mediator.
Another question is that I don't pay my employer severance and notice compensation and tell me to sue again. What I can do about it is how I can get it as soon as possible. In addition, SSI is obliged to notify the monthly SSI 4 notification period is required to be made. Is 30 in the first SSI notification period following the daily period? Or as a mediator?

Excuse me for keeping you busy with these questions.
Thank you for your answers.

Best regards.
Good work.

Hi Saim Bey, my ex-wife has given me the power of attorney with his 10 annual tax debt. Can we pay or close the main money without forgiveness? Or how to remove the block? Without deduction from the salary.Thanks.

Hello, I married my wife in October 2018 from the beginning of the wedding to the end of my marriage, taking the decision to end my marriage I have always returned to the January 2019 family home from the break 3 day after passing my husband and his mother came to us and battered my nose bone was broken and opened the case 1 prison sentence unexplained. We have a divorce preliminary examination in June, the first hearing was held in November and my 10 witness will be heard while he did not present a witness. I didn't answer the petitions, just came to ponder the front review and said I would like a divorce. It seems controversial that the subject of the case is shaken by the unity of marriage. We have a claim for pecuniary damage. We don't need alimony. my question to you in the first hearing in november when my witnesses heard the divorce taking into account the case of violence. Or is it a separate day for the decision

Hi, thank God my father is right. But he has a lot of debt, we do not want to keep these debts on us. We wish to make inheritance denial of 5 brothers. Can we do that when we're alive? And we are all in separate cities, can we come together or petition separately? Finally, can the mother inherit the denial? Thank you.

hello my teacher,
I paid a house on my mother's deed taken.
it happens to my mother when she pays. but if my mother didn't go, would someone else go to the family to pay for the foreclosures? What situation develops against my mother?
and my mother wants to build another house on me. what way should we follow in order that my brother and father cannot claim any rights in this house?
thank you

Hello there
I have received from a company declaring the concord and my debt on behalf of the owner I received on behalf of the owner of the 60.000 pounds I have unpaid bills
Is it possible to collect? What way should I follow

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