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Criminal cases can affect your career and future. The number of criminal cases is quite high in Adana. As a natural consequence of this situation, there are criminal lawyers who are experts and competent in Adana like Saim İNCEKAŞ.

“Why Do You Have To Hire A Criminal Lawyer?”

People may seek someone else’s help while defending themselves for various reasons. Defense is a complex structure. There are many concepts in it. Understanding the event, translating it into the legal language, finding the appropriate rule from the current legal rules, writing, verbalizing, making requests, making the necessary objections is the simplest form of what needs to be done in this context.

It is difficult for a citizen to do these without a lawyer in criminal cases, no matter how skilled and experienced the citizen is. Loss of individual rights becomes inevitable in this complex and technical structure.

For this reason, a lawyer is required for a defence law.

What cases does a criminal lawyer deal with?

The criminal lawyer who will represent you in your criminal case in Adana Courthouse must act in accordance with the decisions of the established Supreme Court and the letter of the law. Even a small detail that will be overlooked causes great loss of rights. The conclusion of the criminal case against the detriment may result in punishments that are impossible to compensate and binding on freedom.

Unfortunately, there is no specialization in the lawyer profession. For this reason, every lawyer colleague who is a lawyer can undertake lawsuits from all areas. There is no application that prevents or regulates this in our country yet.

How Can I Find The Best Lawyer For My Case?

The lawyer who concentrates and deals with your case will be the best severe criminal lawyer for you. While experience is extremely necessary for the successful conclusion of the trial processes and reaching the result, what is also important from experience is that your lawyer focuses on your case and performs all necessary processes and procedures.

Criminal Advocate and Crime Rate

Unfortunately, crime rates are high in Adana. If you are the person who has been harmed as a result of any crime, if there is a crime that is being committed or is still being committed, you can report this situation to the prosecutor’s office through your criminal lawyer and ask for an investigation to be started.

If you are looking for the best criminal lawyer in these matters, make sure to do a preliminary research. Is the person you are looking for the best lawyer in your field or the lawyer who hired you? After these investigations, you can make an agreement with the lawyer who you think will get the best service for you without hesitation.

In the new Turkish Criminal Justice system, it has become indispensable for a person to be represented by a lawyer in criminal cases. The decisions of the Criminal Courts are “conclusive evidence”. Therefore, after a positive criminal case, an additional action for compensation is usually filed.

Adana Criminal Lawyer Saim İncekaş serves to provide the best and smoothest service in criminal investigation, investigation, prosecution and litigation stages.

Our expert staff, who follows the peace sentence, first instance punishment and severe criminal case processes, follows the process from the interrogation and detention stage to the stage of detention. The elements necessary for a crime to occur are handled in detail by us. The best lawyer is the one who understands the subject best and produces the best solution for you. For this reason, it is of great importance that you set out with the lawyer you think will defend you best even during the judicial control phase.

Attorney’s Fees in Criminal Cases

The effort and care required for each penalty file is different. In our article named Adana criminal lawyer fees, the types of fees are explained according to the type of criminal case. The lawyer will charge according to the effort to be given to the file. On average, the lowest criminal lawyer fees that criminal lawyers can legally charge are as follows:
Prosecutor’s Office Investigation 800 TL,
Peace penalty 850 TL,
Heavy Penalty, 5.400 TL,
Child Heavy Penalty 5.400 TL.

There is a list of attorney fees, which is published by the Adana Bar Association in order to have an idea about the fees demanded by criminal lawyers in Adana. The fees listed here reflect an average amount and lawyers are not bound by the fees listed here.

Being a Penal Lawyer in Adana

Adana Heavy criminal lawyer is the name given to the lawyers who are experts in the files and hearings in Adana High Criminal Courts. In severe criminal cases, the suspect or a specialist lawyer representing the participant is called a heavy criminal lawyer. In the high criminal court, the trial of the serious crimes that are numbered in our Turkish Criminal Code and that require more than 10 years of imprisonment are tried. High criminal court deals with some of the catalog crimes listed in the Turkish Penal Code. In these cases where there is serious suspicion, arrest or judicial control requests are frequently included.

  • What is the Crime and Punishment of Defamation?
  • Embezzlement and Punishment
  • Sexual Intercourse Crime with a Minor
  • What is Sexual Assault Crime and Punishment?
  • What is Abandonment Crime and Punishment?
  • What is the Crime and Punishment of Torment?
  • What is Torture and Punishment?
  • What is Organ and Tissue Trade Crime and Punishment?
  • Crime and Punishment of Injury by Negligence
  • Aggravated Injury Crime
  • Deliberate Injury Crime
  • What is the crime and punishment of killing by negligence?
  • The crime of inciting suicide
  • Deliberate Murder Crime and Penalty
  • The Crime of Endangering Traffic Safety
  • Settled Offenses
  • Abuse of Religious Beliefs and Emotions
  • Opening a Facebook Account Under Someone Else’s Name
  • How to Remove a Judicial Control Decision?
  • The Crime and Punishment of Endangering Traffic Safety

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